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ProCook Lemon Zester

Stainless Steel

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Product Description

  • Measures 17cm long zester
  • Premium stainless steel utensils are crafted with smart, brushed stainless steel handles incorporating integral hanging loops
  • Little holes in the top will peel fine zest from citrus fruits and the extra little cutter just below allows you to cut thicker strips of peel too
  • This product has a 1yr Guarantee

Latest review from clarice

“Zest for my Zester!!!”

“I have often wondered how they get the curly bits of rind on top of lemon or orange cake. When I asked at Pro-Cook the assistant knew exactly what I needed and so I bought my Zester. It is great-really solid to hold and does the t...“ More Info

ProCook Lemon Zester

Stainless Steel

Use this lemon zester to take fine zest from citrus fruits or alternatively peel thicker strips too. Its all in the design with the tiny holes and the cutter. Part of our premium brushed stainless steel range which means it has a weighty handle and an integral hanging loop.

17cm long.

Product Specifications:

Dishwasher safe.1 year guarantee.

Item Code: 4656

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