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ProCook Palette Knife


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Product Description

  • Brushed stainless steel handles with flexible nylon head
  • Suitable for use with delicate, non-stick surfaces, can withstand temperatures of up to 204c
  • Durable with a rounded spatula end measuring 18cm long x 3.5cm. 35Cm in total length
  • Dishwasher Safe

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“Great for smoothing icing. not so good at slicing through pallets.“ More Info

ProCook Palette Knife


A flexible palette knife made from nylon with a brushed stainless steel handle firmly attached to the spatula with a stainless steel shaft. No wonder this palette knife is robust. The knife is 18cm long x 3.5cm wide with a total length of 32cm.

Useful for a number of jobs from lifting cakes and pastries from baking sheets to icing cakes. It is also convenient to scrape all the mixture from the cake bowl.

Product Specifications:

Heat resistant to 204c.Dishwasher safe.

Item Code: 3602

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