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ProCook Pineapple Cutter White 4.00 5 White Plastic Fruit Prep
Bean Slicer 13cm 2.50 4 White Stainless Steel
ProCook Mandoline Slicer Black 29.00 4 Black ABS, stainless steel. Mandolins
ProCook Mandoline Dual Function 12.00 4 White ABS, stainless steel. Mandolins
ProCook Chipper & Chopper Dual Function 14.00 5 White ABS, stainless steel. Mandolins
ProCook Food Chopper White 7.00 5 White ABS, stainless steel. Mandolins
ProCook Box Grater Stainless Steel 5.00 0 Silver Stainless Steel Graters
ProCook Black & Stainless Steel Micro Grater 12.00 5 Silver ABS, stainless steel. Graters
ProCook Parmesan Micrograter 17cm 5.00 0 White / Silver Stainless Steel Micrograters
ProCook Micro-Grater Stainless Steel Small 6.00 5 Silver Small Stainless Steel Graters
ProCook Micro-Grater Stainless Steel Large 6.00 5 Silver Large Stainless Steel Graters
ProCook Egg Slicer Stainless Steel 7.00 4 Silver Stainless Steel
ProCook French Peeler Stainless Steel 4.00 5 White / Silver Stainless Steel Peelers
ProCook Cheese Slicer Stainless Steel 6.00 5 Silver Stainless Steel Cheese Knives
ProCook Apple Divider White 4.00 5 White ABS, stainless steel. Mandolins
ProCook Mango Splitter White 4.00 4 Multi Plastic Fruit Prep

Mandolins, Slicers & Graters

Dice it your way with Mandoline slicers that cut fruit and veg to your exact specifications. Find graters that make the grade and use the slicers for carrots julienne with our popular Mandolins.


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