Al Fresco Dishes with Flat Griddle Cooking

Summer is just around the corner and more and more foodies are taking their passion outdoors with flat griddle cooking.

The flat griddle is one of the most incredible cooking tools for a chef who likes convenience, loves the great outdoors and loves the taste of wonderfully rustic food.  Flat griddle cooking is set to be a great trend this summer and the sun has made an early arrival ushering families, couples and friends outdoors already. 

Food has always been very sociable. It brings people together and there are so many emotional connections to how food is consumed; whether it’s around the breakfast bar in the morning, across a formal dining room table, or in the garden the way we eat is a huge part of family life.  Flat griddle cooking is a superb cooking tool that takes everything al fresco, but also with the versatility to be used on a daily basis no matter the weather.

Tasty Flat griddle Dishes for Summer 2011

  • Flatbread – ‘pica pica’ or ‘tapas’ is a wonderfully sociable way of sharing food. It’s not too filling and gives guests the option to nibble and taste little and often. Use a flat griddle to create a lovely crisp and warm rustic bread selection. It’s a treat for both children and adults and don’t forget the olive oil and balsamic vinegar.
  • Full English breakfast – flat griddles are the perfect way to create healthy and tasty breakfasts.  Make the most of the summer sun and serve bacon and sausages outdoors.  It’s a wonderful start to the day.
  • Barbeque meat and veg – there’s nothing more relaxing than a barbeque with loved ones.  Flat griddles can be used to barbeque meats, fish and a variety of vegetables and they cook extremely evenly, giving you safe and delicious food. 
  • Tuna Nicoise salad – this is a true classic. Loved by all the popular TV chefs including Gordon Ramsay, a Nicoise salad is just heavenly when executed with style. A flat griddle is ideal for cooking fish and locking in that gorgeously rich flavour.  Impress your guests with a mouth watering Tuna Nicoise salad.
  • Summer steak – meat can be very heavy and filling but if you want to create a summery steak that still feels light enough to eat in scorching hot weather, choose simple ingredients that aren’t overly rich. Lightly season your steak and let the flat griddle lock in all those delicious flavours.  Add a handful of fresh salad leaves and choose a refreshing salsa verde or a similarly summery dressing. 

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