Mandolin Cutter - The Slicer thatˊs Nicer to Your Hands

Mandolin Cutter – The Slicer that’s Nicer to Your Hands

The Mandolin vegetable precision cutter is kinder to your hands with safely tucked away slicing blades, a stable frame and a pusher cradle to help you slice safely at speed.

We all get a little too complacent when cutting in the kitchen. Watching the professional chefs slice and dice their dinner in a matter of seconds makes it seem so simple. Even grating cheese can become hazardous when we are pushed for time and trying to get dinner on the table. More and more people are switching to safer ways of slicing with a Mandolin cutter that is nicer to your hands. Whether you want julienne carrots, chips, crinkle cut gherkins or simply some grated cheddar; Mandolin precision cutters can slice, dice, grate and cut without running the risk of doing the same to your digits.

Safer Slicing with Mandolin Precision Cutters

Chopping knives are notoriously sharp and difficult to handle. Whether you have hard root vegetables to dice or a bag full of peppers to slice; most of us know that we must keep our fingers away from the blade. But when you are cutting at speed with freshly washed vegetables; it is likely that at some point you will slip and be at risk of injuring your hands with the knife. A Mandolin precision cutter is designed to keep your fingers away from the blades; leaving you free to chop at a speed that suits you.

Stable Frame – Mandolin cutters come with a stable frame that can be adapted to suit your cooking requirements. Whether you want to chop above the pan or slice your carrots onto a chopping board; Mandolin slicer’s fold out rests let you slice safely at a height to suit you.

Pusher Cradle – The pusher cradle holds foodstuffs for you; keeping the blade away from your hands whilst you slice through it and reducing the risk of grating or cutting your fingers by accident.

Metal Spikes – The Mandolin slice has 5 metal spikes to hold food firmly in place. This allows you to chop at speed without the risk of slipping.

Dice it Differently with a Mandolin Slicer from ProCook

If you are looking for a safer way to slice, you can find our popular Mandolin precision cutter at ProCook.  Our Mandolin slicer has been specially designed to fulfil all your cutting needs without the risk of injury.


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