Pizza Pan - Sending Soggy Bases to Never Never Land

Pizza Pan – Sending Soggy Bases to Never Never Land

Put more passion into your pizzas with a non-stick pizza pan that evenly cooks your pizza to perfection. Fresh or frozen the right pizza pan can make all the difference when creating a crispy base and a mouth-watering Margherita.

The perfect pizza is something that many people strive to create throughout their lives. With so many recipes, toppings and bases to choose from; you may think you have tried everything in the book to cook yours to perfection. Professional chefs know that a good pizza recipe also requires a good cooking process. The right pizza pan could make the difference when creating a crispy base pizza with expertly cooked toppings.

Perforated Pizza Pan for the Perfect Base

There is something satisfying about a crispy pizza base with melt-in-your-mouth toppings. A perforated pizza pan is usually the weapon of choice when attempting to banish soggy bases. The holes punched out in this type of pizza pan allow for a greater circulation of hot air that ensures you receive an evenly cooked pizza and a crispy baked base. For frozen pizza fanatics these pans are just right as they allow excess moisture to escape quickly for a drier base.

Make Pizzas with More Panache

Get excited about pizza again and delve into the delectable world of deliciously different pizzas. With such a variety to choose from your perforated pizza pan could help you create a pizza with more panache in your own oven.

Italian Pizza – This oven baked flat pizza is often covered with sun-ripened tomato sauce and masses of mozzarella. The flatter, saucier bases of these pizzas require a pizza pan that is shallow and perforated to prevent sogginess caused by toppings.

Thin Crust Pizza – Like an Italian pizza a thin crust pizza is light but is cooked until the crust is crisp and crunchy. A pizza pan with a perforated based is again perfect for even heat distribution and a quicker cooking time.

New York Style Pizza - This pizza is known for its thin wide slices. The high gluten content in this style of pizza makes the base soft and foldable. Taking longer to cook, a perforated pizza pan can reduce cooking times without drying out the pliable pizza middle.

Make Marvellous Pizza with a Pizza Pan from ProCook

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