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Return of the Cheese Knife – Non-stick Slices

Cheese knives are making a big comeback in UK kitchens and for good reason.

Cheese knives are designed to stop the slices from sticking to the knife. Depending on whether you like your cheddar in chunks or thin slices, every kitchen cutlery drawer should have a cheese knife in it to make the ritual of an after dinner cheese platter experience a little extra special. Cheese is a staple part of almost everyone's diet from an early age. Starting with standard mature, mild or medium cheddar and the local blends like Red Leicester, Double Gloucester and Cheshire for example to complicated but delicious mixes of herb, chillies, and liquor infused blends, cheese is remarkably versatile and superb as an ingredients in a multitudes of dishes.

Cutting Edge Cheese Knives

Slicer, planer or cutter, there are plenty of different cheese knife designs to choose from. Holes or indents in a cheese knife blade prevent the cheese slices from remaining stuck to your knife once the cut is complete. They act by reducing friction between the cheese and the metal of the knife meaning that the cheese will come off the blade of the knife much more smoothly and without breaking into pieces. Cheese knives often have hooked tips to easily pick up a small piece and move it from the platter to your plate. A classic cheese knife design is a sharp flat curved blade with a pointed forked end, normally with a wooden or all-in-one stainless steel handle.

House of Cheddar – Cheese Knife Heaven

There are literally thousands of different kinds of cheeses all over the world. It can be made from cow's milk, goats or sheep, and is lovingly created and then matured in various ways. Hard, crumbly and soft cheeses are equally popular, with blue being one of the most pungent but exciting cheeses to eat. You can buy scoops to match your cheese knife that help with the more crumbly or soft cheeses like French Brie of Camembert.

Cheese Knives – Designer's Delight

Order some top quality stainless steel cheese knives from ProCook. Our secure online shop is easy to use, safe and fantastic value. You can opt to visit one of our 16 UK stores around the country or alternatively call us to order your cheese knives by phone on 0330 100 1010 between 9 and 5pm Monday to Friday.


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