Stoneware Dishes - Once You Bake, You'll Never Go Back

Stoneware dishes are popular alternatives to pot, pans and baking dishes and once you bake with stoneware dishes, you’ll never ever go back. 

The stoneware dish is an absolute dream for baking enthusiasts.  It’s heavy duty and if you treat it right, it will stick with you for many, many years. The great thing about stoneware dishes is that they have been used for thousands and thousands of years before us and have already stood the test of time with chefs and bakers throughout history. 

Today, stoneware dishes are extremely popular for the kings and queens of baking, so if you consider yourself a master of muffins, a connoisseur of cupcakes or a whiz at whipped cream buns, invest in some quality stoneware dishes and get baking!

Benefits of Baking with Stoneware Dishes

There are many benefits of choosing stoneware dishes for baking, and many mums, wives, husbands, baking queens and kitchen kings will tell you that using stoneware will get you the best baking results.  With stoneware dishes, you can also benefit from:

  • Toxin-free cooking – stoneware dishes are extremely safe to use which is why it is a favourite in so many households. 
  • Even heat distribution – stone and brick are used by the best gourmet chefs in the world because of their powerful ability to distribute heat evenly across your food.  So you can expect well cooked food and the tastiest baking results. 
  • Heavy duty dishes – if you want baking dishes that can stand the test of time, choose stoneware dishes.  They have proven themselves over thousands and thousands of years and if looked after properly, will give you years of culinary service. 

How to Season Your Stoneware Dishes

Stoneware dishes are loved by bakers because they can distribute heat evenly across your cakes, giving you a much better final product – and hopefully, a cake which tastes deliciously moist.  But first you need to season your stoneware to make sure that it produces natural anti-stick properties.

Seasoning your stoneware is a very simple task.  Stoneware dishes can be prepared simply by adding vegetable oil, or you could choose to cook with high fat content for the first few times to get the dish fully prepared. 

Stoneware Dishes at Procook

Here at Procook, we have cookware and kitchenware for professional chefs, baking enthusiasts, foodies and home cooks.  View our selection of stoneware dishes and browse the rest of the site for other cooking equipment.


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