Top Tips for Washing Kitchen Linens, Aprons & Tea Towels

Caring for your kitchen means caring for the all the little things, including your kitchen linens, towels and aprons. Here are a few tips on how to keep them looking clean and as good as new.

Applying top health and safety is extremely important in any kitchen, whether it be a commercial environment with one hundred mouths to feed, or a domestic kitchen that looks after the whole family. If you want to install the best cleanliness and hygiene in your kitchen space, ensure that you take care of all kitchen linens, washing them regularly and keeping dirty towels in a separate place to clean ones.

Having a clean set of tea towels for the kitchen at all times is extremely important to health and hygiene. Tea towels come in handy for wiping down surfaces, cleaning used chopping boards and drying wet kitchen accessories. Having a regular wash cycle is important and this applies to aprons and all other kitchen linens.

Eradicate Germs from Your Kitchen with Clean Kitchen Linens

Bacteria builds up easily in a damp environment, so storing used kitchen linens in a laundry room is much safer than keeping it in the kitchen. A regular wash cycle can ensure that there is no bacteria build up in dirty kitchen laundry, and having a supply of clean tea towels in the kitchen can help you keep all worktops dry.

The way you store your kitchen linens is important too. Here are some tips on how to clean and store your kitchen tea towels and aprons:

  • Fold all– folded towels not only improve your kitchen ergonomics but they help to keep your workspace tidy and organised. Folding your towels will help you identify exactly which ones are clean and which ones are used.
  • Dedicate a laundry space – have a designated laundry space for all your dirty kitchen linens, or use a laundry basket.
  • Plan a wash schedule – regular cycles keeps you stocked up with aprons and tea towels. Depending on the amount of cooking and cleaning that takes place in your domestic / commercial kitchen, your wash cycles could be every day, every two days, or every week.
  • Keep them looking new – although old rags can be very handy, they don’t work as great indicators for soiled cloths. If you keep your kitchen linens free from stains, you can quickly see whether something is clean or dirty.

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