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7 Cool Kitchen Gadgets That'll Improve Your Cooking Skills

Save time in the kitchen and improve the taste, texture and appearance of your meals with some of the best kitchen gadgets.

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Our ProCook Food Chopper helps you neatly and quickly chop up your vegetables and fruit for seamless food prep.

Kitchen and cooking gadgets are a helpful addition to any kitchen and can be useful to cooks of all experience level. Whether you are a professional chef, a home cook who enjoys cooking an elaborate meal, or someone who wants to minimise the time spent on cooking, kitchen gadgets are designed to help you streamline food prep and cooking with the potential of improving the texture, taste and appearance of your meals.

Time-saving can be essential for those with a busy schedule or who have a large family, which is why we have created this handy guide to highlight the most useful kitchen gadgets we can offer you, as well as guidance on how you can use them in your day-to-day cooking. Read on for useful kitchen gadgets that not only have the potential to improve your cooking skills but also make for great gifts. 

What is a Kitchen Gadget?

There???s a lot of noise when it comes to deciding on what makes a kitchen gadget a gadget and not a utensil. Typically, kitchen utensils are small handheld tools - like a spatula or wooden spoon - whereas a kitchen gadget is different to a handheld whisk or measuring jug. A kitchen gadget can be anything from a food processor to a waffle maker - an object that helps you save time and streamlines food prep and cooking procedures.

Overall, kitchen gadgets are designed to make food prep, cooking and even cleaning much easier in the kitchen. 

Kitchen Accessories

Our 7 Best Kitchen Gadgets (and how to use them)

The best kitchen gadgets are those that improve your cooking experience and transform the way you cook, whether that means using a state-of-the-art food processor for dicing food into small, uniform cubes or using an egg poaching pan to aid you in cooking perfectly poached eggs.

Here are 7 of the best kitchen gadgets that can transform cooking on a practical level and streamline the food prep and cooking process.

You might need these:

Our crinkle cutter is a handy gadget to help you cut delicious crinkle cut crisps and chips.

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For those who crave authentic Italian pasta, investing in and learning how to use a pasta maker allows you to bring the taste of Italy into your own home. Pasta lovers will enjoy making fresh pasta for a cosy night in or to share with friends or family.

Pasta makers simplify the job of making your own pasta from scratch and at home, helping you achieve the right texture and flavour associated with authentic and fresh Italian pasta. Our ProCook Pasta Maker has a variety of thickness settings and is ideal for making delicious homemade tagliatelle, linguini, ravioli, lasagne sheets and more.

1. Pasta Maker

ProCook Pasta Maker

2. Dumpling Maker

Bring a taste of Asia home with a dumpling maker that can help you cut, shape, and cook beautiful gyozas. Effortlessly make delicious dumplings with the help of our ProCook Dumpling Maker, which includes a dumpling slicer and press that helps minimise the stress of working with thin dough typically used for Japanese gyoza. Once your gyoza is cut and filled with ground meat or vegetables, press and seal the dumplings.

Our dumpling maker isn't only for gyoza, though. You can also make ravioli, mini pies and empanadas!

TIP: For a truly authentic Japanese cooking experience, cook your gyoza in our ProCook Bamboo Steamer. You can even use a bamboo steamer to cook a variety of vegetables as well as dim sum and fish.  

ProCook Dumpling Maker

3. Mandolines and Spiralizers 

A mandolin is a musical instrument, but a mandoline with an 'e' at the end is a versatile and incredibly useful kitchen tool and cooking gadget that offers speed and uniformity when slicing vegetables and fruit. The key benefits of a mandoline are speed and the ability to shred and slice tough fruit and vegetables while ensuring that each slice is the same thickness and size. Use a mandoline on a carrot for thin Julienne sticks perfect for a salad or thinly slice a lemon into almost transparent slices for an elegant cocktail garnish.

Spiralizers have been a popular kitchen gadget for a few years now - and with good reason. Easily spiralize vegetables such as carrots, beetroot and courgettes for varied and unique dishes. For instance, substitute egg noodles for courgette noodles, which not only promote a healthier diet but adds texture to your dish. You can also spiralize carrots and add to salads or spiralize potatoes for rustic and delicious hash browns or potato nests.

Mandollines, Spiralizers & Graters

4. Sage Creatista Pro Coffee Machine

Bring your love of barista-style coffee home with the help of our Creatista Pro Coffee Machine and Grand Cru coffee capsules. Simply place the coffee capsule in the designated area, pop your coffee cup or mug underneath the filter and watch the coffee machine pour out your coffee of choice. Enjoy beautifully made coffee that rivals the beans ground at your local cafe with the help of the Creatista Pro Coffee Machine.

TIP: The Creatista Pro Coffee Machine includes a milk frothing wand that offers 8 texture levels and 11 milk temperature settings, making it incredibly easy and quick to brew the perfect cappuccinos, lattes and flat whites at home. Experiment with the settings, so you can see which milk texture you prefer.

Sage Creatista Pro Coffee Machine

The Dualit EcoPress is a fantastic gadget that helps you effortlessly recycle your used coffee capsules and pods at home with ease. Not only is this gadget simple to use, but it also helps you reduce your carbon footprint and lead a more eco-friendly lifestyle.

The EcoPress can hold up to 10 capsule worth of coffee grounds. Plus, once your EcoPress is full, you can add the used coffee grounds to your home compost as they act as a great fertiliser. The aluminium capsules can be placed in your household recycling.

  1. Pop in your coffee pod, foil upside down
  2. Place the lid over the top and apply pressure
  3. Lift the lid, remove the pod and rinse off any remaining coffee grounds before placing the clean aluminium capsule in your household recycling

Not only is the EcoPress great for cleaning out your aluminium coffee pods, but the gadget itself is dishwasher safe for easy cleaning!

5. Dualit EcoPress Aluminium Coffee Capsule Recycler

Dualit EcoPress Aluminium Coffee Capsule Recycler

Learn how to cook deliciously golden brown waffles at home with the help of a waffle maker. Our ProCook Stovetop Waffle Maker is lightweight, easy-to-use and offers even heat distribution for perfectly cooked waffles every time. Simply mix up a batter, pour it into a preheated waffle maker and close shut, flipping it every 30 seconds (for a total of 3 minutes). Made from cast aluminium, our waffle maker is durable and low maintenance, saving you time when washing up.

TIP: Place a glass worktop protector or wooden chopping board beside your stove, so you have a spot to place your waffle maker without the risk of damaging your worktops.

6. Waffle Maker

Waffle Maker

7. Milk Frothers

Whether you're making a hot or cold drink, a milk frother can add a foamy touch to lattes, cappuccinos and cold brews. The simple mechanics of a milk frother helps aerate the milk, creating a thick and heavy foam that can be poured into a coffee or even tea (if you like tea-lattes!). With the help of a milk frother, you can typically make perfect milk foam in a matter of minutes.

TIP: Unsure of how to make milk froth for latte art? We've written a guide on how to master latte art for your at-home coffee, which can be found in our How to Use a Moka Pot guide.

We also offer coffee stencils and a chocolate shaker for added decorative flair and flavour that will not only beautify your at-home cappuccinos, but also add extra flavour.

Tea & Coffee Accessories

Cook delicious cheese toasties with our stovetop sandwich maker. Simple to use and easy to clean for quick toasties.

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