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Coffee Machine Buying Guide

Whether you're a coffee connoisseur or consider yourself a casual drinker, a coffee machine and maker can be a fantastic addition to your home. Our guide explains the best coffee machines for superior coffee making.

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With there being many ways to enjoy your cup of coffee, finding the perfect coffee machine can feel overwhelming. Do you want a pod coffee machine, a cafetiere, or moka pot? And for those who enjoy lattes and cappuccinos, how do you froth your milk and achieve the perfect mouthfeel at home?

We understand that coffee machines and makers come in varying styles and sizes, so you can easily decide on which coffee machine to buy, depending on your preferences. Whether you enjoy a shot of espresso or love to grind your coffee beans at home, our coffee machines buying guide is here to help you choose your ideal coffee maker.

Before you purchase a coffee machine, consider how you like your coffee and which method may be better suited for your tastes and lifestyle. If your entire household enjoys coffee, then a coffee filter machine may be better suited as it allows you to make more than one cup of coffee at once. However, if your tastebuds prefer espresso-based coffee, then an espresso coffee pod machine would suit you best.

However, if your tastebuds prefer espresso-based coffee, then an espresso coffee pod machine would suit you best.

Take the time to consider your tastes. For more guidance on different ways to consume your coffee, our guide offers guidance and tips, so you can enjoy great tasting coffee within the comfort of your own home.

What Coffee Machine Should I Buy?

The Best Coffee Machines and Coffee Makers for Home

Whether you are a coffee purist seeking a coffee machine that rivals those seen in coffee shops or are after a stovetop coffee maker for your preferred ground coffee, we???ve got you covered. From moka pots to coffee pod machines suited to your coffee capsules, here???s everything you need to know as well as useful tips. 

Coffee Pod Machines

Coffee pod machines (sometimes named coffee capsule machines) are perfect for households of all sizes and those who enjoy their espresso-based coffee. Not only do coffee pods offer a full-bodied and flavourful experience, but there???s a whole variety for you to choose from - coffee capsules can provide you with a single or double shot of espresso, or they could even pour you a latte if they have milk added to the capsule.

The main benefits of using a capsule machine include:

  • Coffee can be brewed in a matter of seconds
  • Easy features, functionality, and maintenance - simply add water, pop in the pod or capsule, and hit the button!
  • Small in size, so easy to fit in the smallest of kitchens

Choosing the Right Coffee Capsules for You

If you already have a favourite brand of coffee capsules or coffee pods, then you may wish to purchase a coffee pod machine with your desired brand in mind. However, if you do not have favoured coffee capsules, then you have a whole host of coffee capsules to choose from.

Ideally, choosing a brand that offers sustainability can help lower your carbon footprint. We offer a selection of flavourful coffee capsules that suit Nespresso coffee pod machines while also being sustainable due to their aluminium casing. Simply use the Dualit EcoPress to remove the coffee grind before placing the emptied capsules into your recycling. You may also wish to add the coffee grinds to your compost as it offers plenty of nutrition to your plants.

Always read the flavour profile of each coffee capsule range, so you know the intensity and the flavour notes of that specific roast. Our Cafe Grand Cru coffee range caters to everyone, offering an intensity scale and a decaf option for those who are reducing their intake of caffeine or stopping their caffeine consumption altogether.

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You might need these:

Our  Double Walled Latte Glasses are perfect for enjoying freshly brewed lattes and frothed milk.

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Moka Pots / Stovetop Espresso Makers

Moka pots use ground coffee that is compressed into the bottom of a moka pot and boiled with water on a stovetop. While the coffee a moka pot produces is not as strong as an espresso-based coffee pod, a moka pot does produce a rich and strong tasting coffee that can be enjoyed black or with milk.

Bring out your moka pot when you have guests over or if you fancy sipping on a fragrant coffee during a weekend morning. The aluminium body of the moka pot can help retain heat, so you can slowly enjoy your coffee and fill your mug with a second cup. What's more, the coffee brewed in a moka pot is typically stronger than a cafetiere, making it perfect for coffee drinkers looking to brew medium strength coffee.

Further benefits include:

  • Made from aluminium for greater heat retention
  • Cost effective
  • Easy to use, clean, and maintain
How to Use a Moka Pot

You might need these:

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Cafetieres are completely different from moka pots and coffee machines, as a cafetiere does not require an intense brewing process that involves continuously pushing boiling water through coffee granules. Rather, boil fresh water in a kettle and allow the boiled water to cool for approximately a minute before pouring it into the cafetiere.

Coffee brewed from a cafetiere is much different to the coffee brewed from a moka pot and espresso-based coffee. Cafetiere coffee tends to be more intense in flavour, however, avoid over extracting the coffee grinds as this can turn your coffee incredibly bitter.

Benefits of using a cafetiere include:

  • Rich tasting
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Greater control over the brewing method
How to Use a Cafetiere

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Heighten your coffee drinking experience by selecting the right coffee glass and milk dispenser for the job. Latte lovers will benefit from latter glasses and a milk frother, whereas those who favour the classic Americano may enjoy a beautiful stoneware mug and a milk jug.

Coffee Glasses

How do you like your coffee? Do you take it black, add a dash of milk, or enjoy flavoured lattes? Coffee lovers will be familiar with the variety of coffee glasses available and how they can enhance the flavour of your coffee. However, if you're unsure of how the shape of your coffee glass may impact your drink, we've created the following guide to help unlock flavour notes.

Double Walled Glasses

Coffee changes taste as it cools, which is why you want to keep your coffee warmer for longer. Ceramic coffee mugs retain heat much better than glass, but double walled glasses are just as effective when it comes to heat retention. If you want to sip your coffee without the pressure of it cooling too quickly, then double walled glasses are ideal.

Latte Glasses

Lattes are typically served in tall glasses with a large headspace. This is so you can showcase the latte's milky colour and the separation between coffee and foamy milk that sits at the top. Bring continental flair associated with Italian coffee by serving lattes from latte glasses. By doing so, you can bring a taste of Europe straight to your home.

Espresso Cups

For those who enjoy a shot of espresso, espresso cups will be your new best friend. Designed to hold (and keep warm) your single or double shot of espresso - and nothing more.

Latte Spoons

We're familiar with how tall standard latte glasses are, which is why latte spoons are ideal for adding sugar or stirring your coffee. Although quite lengthy, latte spoons suit all coffee mugs - they also offer sophistication to dinner parties for coffee mornings that you may be hosting.

Milk Jugs

If you enjoy a simple cafe au lait, then a milk jug can be a simple and easy way to add milk to your coffee. Not only does this offer you style points, but it offers you and your guests the option to add more milk without having to head back to the kitchen. 

Milk Frothers

Achieving barista-style frothy coffee isn't easy when you do not have access to a proper barista coffee machine. However, that doesn't mean you have to go without steamed milk.

There are various milk frothers designed to help you achieve the perfect steamed milk for your at-home lattes and cappuccinos. Our milk frothers are simple to use and easy to maintain.

Enhance Your Coffee Drinking Experience with Quality Coffee Accessories

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Keeping Your Coffee Maker Clean

A clean and well-maintained coffee maker allows you to continue brewing the best coffee. However, each coffee maker has their own care guidelines that can help prevent blockages or damage that may require costly repairs.

The best way to keep your coffee maker clean is buying cleaning it after every use. You want to remove coffee granules and residue, as well as wipe down the exterior and ensure it's thoroughly dry before storing it away again.

How to Clean and Maintain Your Coffee Machine or Maker

Are Coffee Capsules Sustainable?

Since their creation, coffee capsules have generated a lot of noise around sustainability. Luckily, you can combine your love of espresso and desire to live a more sustainable lifestyle. Not only are our coffee capsules made from aluminium - an infinitely recyclable material - but we also offer the Dualit EcoPress, which makes our coffee capsules 100% recyclable.

Are Coffee Capsules Sustainable?

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