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How to Care for Your Cookware

An in-depth guide on how to clean and care for your pots and pans.

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Knowing how to clean pots and pans to look like new and how to store your cookware can increase the longevity of your pots and pans so that you can continue to cook delicious meals for many years to come. If you are unsure on which cookware is best for you, check out our Pots and Pans Buying Guide.

Cookware can be a significant investment piece, which is why learning the best ways to clean your pots and pans not only improves the performance of your cookware, but makes your purchase more cost effective. 

Many of us are guilty of skipping the instructions and figuring it out as we go, but when it comes to cookware, not reading the instructions or product care guides can damage your pots and pans and impact their cooking performance and appearance.

All ProCook cookware comes with small guides and instructions so that you can learn how to use, care for and store your pots and pans properly for more consistent cooking.

TIP: Check out our product care guides to ensure that all your cookware continues to perform to the best of its ability.

Read the Instructions

Don’t Treat Every Pot and Pan the Same

There’s no denying that food will stick or burn to a pan and water spots will appear, which is why learning how to care for your cookware and counter these common issues is essential so that you can prolong its lifespan. Each material has its own requirements, so learning about each material’s own needs can reduce the risk of damaging your pots and pans.

How to Clean Stainless Steel Pots and Pans

Although stainless steel cookware is renowned for its durability, taking good care of your pots and pans is the best way to preserve their lifespan for longer. 

  • It is always best to dry your stainless steel cookware well after cleaning, as residual water can lead to water spots or ‘pitting’ of the material when left over time. If water spots do appear, dampen the surface and wipe the spot with a slightly wet sponge that’s been sprinkled with baking soda before rinsing. 
  • Only use non-abrasive sponges and keep from using hard pot brushes or scrubbers. Abrasive sponges and harsh chemicals such as household cleaners can scratch the finish.
  • Chalky white spots are a result of calcium build up in the water. Mix a solution of vinegar and water and bring the solution to a boil in the pan. Let the contents cool before washing and drying the cookware as normal. Use one teaspoon of vinegar per litre of water.
  • Overheating your pots and pans can cause discolouration. If discolouration does happen, dilute a small amount of white vinegar with water and swirl the mixture around the pot or pan. Wipe away the discolouration with a non-abrasive sponge. 
  • Keep your stainless steel pots and pans from warping by allowing them to cool down before washing. 
  • Pitting corrosion can occur, which is an irreversible problem. Keep pitting corrosion at bay by allowing the water to come to a boil before salting it. 

How to Clean Anodised Pots and Pans

Anodised pots and pans are incredibly conductive, lightweight and can withstand vigorous washing for consistent cooking and easy maintenance. 

  • Cook on a low to medium heat to keep from damaging the anodised body.
  • Do not use scouring pads, abrasive sponges and steel wool as these can scratch the finish and impact the anodised cookware’s appearance and performance.
  • Use warm water and mild, non-abrasive dishwashing liquid or soap with a soft sponge. Dry the anodised pots and pans as soon as possible to stop water spots from appearing. 
  • Calcium build up in the water can cause chalky white spots to appear. Use a mixture of vinegar and water (one teaspoon of vinegar to one litre of water) and rub the area with a non-abrasive sponge. 
  • If your anodised pots and pans do not have a non stick coating, do not use them to cook acidic foods as they can impact the coating and discolour the metal. 

How to Clean Cast Iron Pots and Pans

Cast iron pots and pans are not only extremely tough but also remain hot as they hold heat for a considerable length of time. Before using your cast iron cookware, you need to season your pan to create a non stick surface. Do not put cast iron in the dishwasher as this can ruin the seasoning.

  • Remove stuck-on bits of food by rinsing the cast iron pan with warm, soap-free water and a brush. 
  • Once your cast iron pan is washed, make sure it is completely dry to keep the pan from rusting. 
  • Cast iron pots and pans need constant seasoning. Dry the cast iron pan and place it on a low heat. Add a small amount of oil into the pan and make sure it is evenly distributed for an even finish. Well-seasoned  cast iron cookware smoothens the surface and creates even cooking temperatures for more consistent cooking. 

How to Clean Non Stick Pots and Pans

As the name suggests, non stick pots and pans keep food from sticking to the surface and burning. However, accidents do happen, and food can still stick to and burn on non stick cookware.

  • Clean the pan with warm water, mild detergent and a non-abrasive sponge to keep from scratching the non stick coating. 
  • For burnt food that won’t budge, fill the pot of pan with water, add a couple tablespoons of detergent and start heating up the contents to a boil. Use a plastic or wooden spoon or spatula to carefully scrape the food from the pot or pan. Wash the pot or pan like normal, and once it has dried, grease the pot or pan again. 
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How to Store Pots and Pans Correctly

Storing your pots and pans properly and using pan protectors can prolong the life of your cookware and protect their non stick coatings. What’s more, all cookware should be properly dried with a tea towel before being stored in a cool and dry space, preventing rust from developing. 

TIP: Our ProCook pan protectors can be placed between your non stick pots and pans, acting as a barrier and stopping the non stick coating from being scratched off. 

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Cleaning Products and Accessories for Pots and Pans

Pots and pans require different cleaning methods and products depending on the material they are made from and their coatings. This can all seem very complicated, but to make cleaning and caring for your pots and pans easier, ProCook offer a selection of cleaning products and cookware accessories.

When paired with a pot or dish brush, our stainless steel and cast iron cleaners aid you in effortlessly removing dirt and stuck-on food to improve your cookware’s performance.

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Use the Correct Kitchen Utensils

Kitchen utensils like spoons and spatulas are ideal when cooking with pots or pans as they allow you to safely stir your food for consistent results and help you avoid burning the food to the surface. However, metal kitchen utensils risk scratching the finish.

Scratches not only ruin the appearance of your cookware but can also reduce its cooking quality. Utensils made from nylon, wood or silicone are kinder to your cookware, especially on non stick coating, and will ultimately help prevent scratches appearing on your cookware. 

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