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How to Set the Perfect Christmas Dining Table

Transform your dining table into a winter wonderland this festive season with our Christmas tablescaping guide.

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Lay a merry and festive table this Christmas Day with our beautiful  Malmo Charcoal Dinnerware.

The festive season sees us decorating our homes with Christmas trees, fairy lights, candles and wreaths, so when it comes to setting the dining table for Christmas dinner, why shouldn't we put in the same attention to detail?

Creating a beautiful Christmas table centrepiece and adding Christmas table decorations can easily transform the most modest of dining tables into a magical Christmas wonderland. So, whether you are entertaining for a large or intimate group, learning how to lay a festive table for Christmas in advance will not only make your guests merrier but give you one less thing to worry about on the day.

Set the scene this Christmas Day by dressing your table, and imbue a festive dining ambience with relative ease. Here's our Christmas table setting guide to help you transform your dining table into a magical tabletop that is sure to impress the Grinchiest of guests. 

Think Outside the Box

When we think of Christmas, we envision twinkling lights, festive green and merry red colourings. Although these traditional Christmas themes and colours offer timeless elegance, there are many more themes for you to experiment with if you are looking to add a unique twist on your festivities.

Why not consider a darker, gothic style using slate or charcoal tones for the placemats and a silver table runner that adds a sophisticated yet festive twist? If you are seeking something a little more traditional, a Dickensian style Christmas setting that encompasses warm, autumnal colours and rustic accents can create a welcoming and merry atmosphere for your dinner guests.

Of course, you can always keep your Christmas table simple with classic colour combinations, but elevate them by adding a fun and unexpected element. Start with a simple white tablecloth or leave the table bare if you???re looking to add some rustic charm. Layer your table with a golden table runner and matching gold placemats or try beautiful, beaded placemats for extra sparkle. Exude luxury by adding golden accents like shimmering golden candle holders that will emit a soft glow.

TIP: Use table accessories to add visual pop and texture against your chosen background colour. Carefully chosen and selected Christmas table decorations can indicate the tone and feel of the room and help influence the atmosphere.

It's Christmas morning and time to set the table. Halfway through, you realise that you are missing a knife, fork or plate, or your glassware is chipped. A nightmare, right? Check your crockery, cutlery and glassware in advance, ensuring that you have the right number of plates and bowls, enough serveware for all your courses, and the correct cutlery. It may be worth checking your glasses in advance for water or lipstick marks, as pristine glassware always adds extra sparkle to special occasions.

You might need these:

Check Your Crockery, Cutlery and Glassware

Crockery & DinnerwareDinner SetsGlassware

Select Your Christmas Table Runner, Placemats and Napkins

When it comes to dressing your table, start from the bottom up. Your tablecloth or table runner will act as the foundation and base colour for you to build on with your chosen crockery and cutlery. For simplicity, a white tablecloth can act as a great blank canvas for you to add to - a gold or silver Christmas table runner placed across the centre of your table with matching placemats adds colour and glamour to a minimalistic base colour.

TIP: Napkins are a great way to add a subtle pop of colour to your table setting. Green napkins pair nicely with our silver beaded placemats and elegant Malvern Bone China Dinnerware, adding texture and a pop of colour.

Table Runners, Placemats & Coasters

Chipped crockery will simply not do when it comes to laying a Christmas table. Rather, you should bring out your very best dinnerware and cutlery, adding to the festivities of the day.

When it comes to setting the table, ensure that you are following proper etiquette. Firstly, know how many courses you are serving - this will determine how you set your plates and bowls. The plate for the main course will sit at the centre of the setting, with the starter plate stacked on top. If you are serving soup, the soup bowl replaces the starter plate. Cutlery should be placed on either side of the dishes - forks to the left, knives to the right - and arranged in the order in which they will be used. For more guidance on how to lay a table, read our guide on how to create a tablescape.

TIP: The simplest of white crockery can be easily dressed up with carefully chosen accents and decorative pieces. Matching white crockery with festive green napkins and silver napkin holders is an effortless way to beautify your Christmas table.

Bring Out Your Best Crockery & Cutlery


Christmas Day is a time to enjoy your favourite tipple, and whether you and your guests enjoy a bottle of wine, a glass of Prosecco or a whiskey from a highball, we have a selection of glassware to hold your drink of choice.

When it comes to adding glassware to a table setting, you will typically have a water glass and two wine glasses - one for white wine and one for red wine. Once your guests have chosen their wine, you can remove the unused wine glass for more space. You may even want to add champagne glasses to the table if you plan on toasting your friends and family.

TIP: Fancy serving up festive cocktails before and after Christmas dinner? Our jugs and carafes are perfect for pouring out our White Christmas Mojitos, while our Double Walled Teacup Sets are great for serving mulled wine as an after dinner treat.

Add Festive Glassware

Wine GlassesChampagne Glasses & CoupesCocktail Glasses
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Create an Eye-Catching Christmas Table Centrepiece

The size of your table may determine the size and scope of your centrepiece. Avoid cluttering up your dining table or blocking the view of your guests with an oversized Christmas centrepiece. If you are struggling with space, a simplistic and more minimalistic centrepiece of carefully placed glittering baubles, tealights and fairy lights could be more than enough. For a more natural and rustic centrepiece, drape a garland across the table and add gold or silver candle holders for added glamour or try LED table fairy lights for a twinkly effect.

When it comes to creating a Christmas table centrepiece, bigger does not necessarily mean better. There are many ways you can create a cost-effective centrepiece. Do not be afraid to bring the outdoors in and decorate the table with holly, ivy, pinecones, and sea buckthorn berries. What's more, with simple twine, you can lovingly tie a sprig of holly to each napkin for an extra Christmassy tone.

Create a Merry Mood with Ambient Lighting

The festive season is synonymous with twinkling lights, which is why incorporating ambient lighting into your Christmas table setting is a must when creating a joyous and merry mood. Carefully selected and placed tealights and fairy lights are effective ways to add elegance to the most ordinary of dinner tables.

Candles are a great way to add beautiful flickering light, but an LED Table Fairy Light can also add a magical element to your table setting. For a simple yet effective table setting, place our LED Table Fairy Light in the centre of your dining table and decorate with a beautiful wreath.

You might need these:

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