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The Best Kitchen Knife Storage Solutions

Protect your kitchen knives with the best knife storage solution for you.

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Our magnetic knife blocks are stylish and practical, keeping your knives safe but also at hand for any food prep. 

With knives being an important tool in the kitchen, knowing how to store your kitchen knives can help them remain sharp and efficient. After all, a blunt or unloved knife can make them unsafe - causing slippage when cutting through ingredients. But with so many ways to store kitchen knives, which knife storage solutions are best for you?

We look at some of the best ways to store your kitchen knives. Not only do proper knife storage solutions help keep them sharper for longer, minimising the risk of damaging the blades, but they can also improve the safety of your kitchen. Loose knives in a drawer can increase the risk of knife-based accidents, much like unattended kitchen knives that are left on a kitchen countertop.

Here are a few of the best kitchen storage solutions.

Assess Your Kitchen's Space and Functionality

Before purchasing a knife storage solution, be sure to assess your kitchen. If you are limited in space or find yourself not utilising a certain part of your kitchen, this may be a great place to store your kitchen knives. Assessing the functionality of your kitchen and your meal prep routine can also be useful - if you have an existing chopping area, why not see if you can add a knife block or magnetic knife rank beside the space and streamline the cooking process.

A few notes to consider when deciding where to store your knives are:

  • Do you have a meal prep station? If so, streamline the process by adding knife storage nearby.
  • Are children able to easily access the knife storage solution? Positioning is key - avoid placing kitchen knives or dangerous kitchen equipment in an easily accessible location within your kitchen.
  • Do you transport your knives often? Chefs may want to store their knives in a knife bag or case to ensure they travel safely.

Kitchen Knife Storage Ideas

With so many knife storage possibilities, we've compiled a handy guide of our recommendations and how to utilise them so your knives remain intact. While kitchen storage solutions can help protect your knives, regular and proper care and maintenance are still required.

Knife Bags / Knife Rolls

Although knife bags and rolls may be considered a professional storage solution, they can be ideal for home cooks and casual chefs too. If you have limited drawer space and do not wish to have the easy access that knife blocks and magnetic strips offer, a knife bag is a fantastic way to keep your kitchen knives safe and sound.

If you do enjoy using your own cooking tools when cooking elsewhere, then a knife bag or case is essential. Easy to pack up, a knife bag or roll can keep your blades safe and sharper for longer. All our knife cases and roll sets perfectly cover and encase our range of kitchen knives, offering a snug fit that helps protect your blades.

TIP: If you have a magnetic knife rack or a knife block but have too many knives, then a knife bag or roll can be a great way to store additional knives. Simply place them in the roll.

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Magnetic Knife Racks

For kitchens with limited countertop space or cooks who love to have their knives easily accessible, a magnetic knife rack could be the perfect solution. A magnetic knife rack can be placed anywhere on your kitchen walls and is strong enough to hold several knives. It's also a great way to showcase your beautiful knife set.

Another benefit of a magnetic knife rack is that they reduce the risk of blunting the knife's edge. Although knife blocks and drawer organisers are great ways to store your knives, if done so improperly, they can dull the edge and make them less effective.

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Knife Blocks

Knife blocks are a common and well-loved knife storage solution. However, they need to be used properly if you are to reduce the risk of them accidentally dulling the blades of your knives. By using a knife block to store your knives, they can be safely stored on your countertop which makes them easily accessible when meal prepping.

Of course, if not used properly, knife blocks can cause edges to dull over time. Because of this concern, we offer traditional knife blocks as well as open magnetic knife blocks, that remove the need for sliding knives in and out of the block. Rather, the knife block almost acts like a magnetic knife strip. Proper removal of knives is required if you are to reduce the risk of dulling the knife's edge.

Our knife block sets come with a set of kitchen knives, ensuring that you have a full set that can easily complete any peeling, chopping, and dicing that is required.

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Drawer Knife Organisers

If you have enough drawer space but are limited with countertop space or have children, then drawer knife organisers can be an effective means of storing and protecting your kitchen knives. While it's not generally advised that you store your knives in a drawer as they can roll around which causes bluntness, our drawer knife organisers are designed to keep your knives in place. Your knives will not roll around or bump into one another, reducing the chances of their blades becoming chipped and blunt.

Drawer knife organisers come in various sizes, so whether you only have a few knives to store or a large collection, you can easily accommodate your needs.

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Proper knife storage solutions can play a large role in protecting your knives and reducing the chances of blunting the edges of your knives. However, proper upkeep is still required. Learning how to recognise a blunt edge and how to sharpen your knives can increase your knife's longevity and make them much safe to use. A blunt edge can cause slippage that could lead to a dangerous accident.

We've compiled a handy and informative guide dedicated to showing you the best ways to sharpen your kitchen knives. We also have quality knife sharpeners and a knife sharpening guide that help you sharpen your knives to their desired angle.

Caring for Your Kitchen Knives

How to Sharpen Your Kitchen Knives

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