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What to Get a Chef or Foodie for Christmas

Our Christmas gift guide is here to help you shop for the foodie in your life. From beautiful wine glasses to waffle makers, we've got the perfect cookery gifts for foodies.

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Gift your favourite cocktail connoisseur with a set of elegant  gin balloon glasses

The festive season is upon us, which means it's time to think about the gifts you wish to present to your friends and family. Showing your love and appreciation on Christmas Day is a joyous occasion, and while many people will simply look forward to spending the Christmas season with their loved ones, we all want to surprise friends and family with the perfect present.

For those of us who have a foodie or chef in our life, you may be wondering what to gift them this Christmas. From fun and useful kitchen gadgets to crockery and dinnerware, to professional chefs knives, here are a few cookery gifts and foodie gift ideas that are sure to impress.

Christmas Gifts for Foodies

There are various types of foodies amongst us. Some love to cook for their family while others enjoy hosting fabulous dinner parties, showcasing their food while tasting wine from elegant wine glasses. From cast iron cookware to glassware and kitchen gadgets, here are some of the best gifts for foodies.

Cast Iron Casserole Dish

A cast iron casserole dish can be the perfect gift for someone who loves to cook. If your loved one enjoys cooking stews, soups, braising meat and even baking bread, a cast iron casserole dish will soon become their new best friend.

Choose a cast iron casserole dish in their favourite colour or in a colour that suits their kitchen's colour scheme and aesthetic. We have a selection of cast iron casserole dishes in a variety of colours - choose from red, blue, green, cream, turquoise or black!

Cast Iron Casserole Dishes

Waffle Maker

Who doesn't love waffles for breakfast? Treat your loved one to a stovetop waffle maker that helps them cook fluffy and golden waffles for breakfast, brunch, or a daytime snack.

Made from cast aluminium, our waffle maker is easy to use, features a non-stick interior, and is compatible with electric, gas and ceramic hobs.

Incentivise your loved one into cooking a batch of waffles on Christmas morning by creating a small gift basket including enough ingredients to produce a stack of waffles. You can place the ingredients in handy preserving jars, which can be used time and time again.

TIP: All our waffle makers come with an awfully good waffle recipe that is sure to give your foodie friend or family member the incentive to cook delicious waffles.

Waffle Makers

Dumpling Maker

Does your friend or family member love Asian cuisine? If so, our dumpling maker could be the perfect gift for those who enjoy making and eating gyozas. Our dumpling maker is easy to use and allows you to make delicious and authentic dumplings as well as mini pies, empanadas and ravioli.

Dumpling Maker

Elegant Glassware

Foodies who enjoy a nice bottle of wine deserve the very best when it comes to their glassware. The right wine glass can elevate your wine's tasting notes, unlocking beautiful aromas. We also have a set of beautiful Champagne glasses and coupes for those who love a glass of bubbly.


Cocktail and Bar Accessories

If your foodie also enjoys making their own cocktails, then why not treat them to a cocktail kit that helps them shake or stir their alcoholic beverage of choice? From cocktail shakers to jiggers and beautiful gin balloon glasses, we have everything needed to help you create cosmopolitans to espresso martinis.

Cocktail & Bar Accessories

Japanese Knife Set

Your foodie friend who loves to cook their meals from scratch would love nothing more than a set of quality Japanese knives. Our selection of Japanese knives can be used for all types of cooking, and with their sharp edge, your loved one can get the very best out of their kitchen knives when preparing their ingredients.

While we have beautiful 3, 5 and 8 piece Japanese knife sets, we also offer a variety of Santoku and Nakiri knives that can be purchased separately.

Japanese Knife Sets

Steak Knives

If your foodie loves to tuck into a perfectly cooked steak, why not treat them to a set of beautiful steak knives that is sure to elevate their eating experience? With a beautifully sleek design and practical, built-to-last blades, our steak knife sets are ideal for the steak-lover in your life.

Steak Knives

TIP: If you are looking for quality gifts under £50, we have a whole selection of brilliant foodie and cookery gifts that fit the bill.

Nihon X50 Knife Set 3 Piece and Magnetic BlockTypical Price £169Only £99Shop Now
St. Tropez Wine Glass Set of 4 - 495mlTypical Price £29Only £19Shop Now
ProCook Double Walled Latte Glass Set of 4Typical Price £32Only £22Shop Now
ProCook Cast Iron Casserole 24cm / 4.7L Round Graduated GreenTypical Price £129Only £64Shop Now

Christmas Gifts for Chefs

Buying for a professional chef or a seasoned cook can seem like a momentous and difficult task, but there are many cookery gifts that can be the perfect Christmas present. If you are wanting to gift the professional chef in your life with unrivalled luxury, we have an abundance of luxury gifts that are sure to brighten their faces as they unwrap their present.

A Quality Chefs Knife

What's a chef without a chefs knife? While you may want to speak with them before buying them one, this can still be an incredibly thoughtful and wonderful gift. Due to the chefs knife's versatility, it is a must-have for serious cooks, so if you believe that the chef or foodie in your life requires a new chefs knife, this could be the best cooking gift of all!

If the chef in your life deserves the best of the best, we have a range of Damascus knives available - all of which feature the beautiful mottled and wavy design, high carbon core and incredible sharpness. A Damascus knife requires a lot of care, so would best suit professional chefs who know how to care for one. Take a look at our beautiful Damascus 67 range that offers unrivalled sharpness.

Cooks & Chefs Knives

Knife Case / Knife Rolls

Does the chef in your life need a new knife case to protect their knives when travelling to and from work? If so, we have a selection of knife cases and knife rolls that not only protect the integrity of the knives they hold but look great too. Our knife cases and knife rolls come with a set of beautiful kitchen knives, however, if you are simply after knife storage, we also have some beautiful knife blocks and knife racks.

Knife Cases / Knife Rolls

Pasta Maker

If the chef in question is yet to own a pasta maker, then this could be an incredible gift idea that they'll certainly cherish. With a pasta maker, they can make delicious authentic pasta in a variety of shapes and sizes for various pasta dishes. If they love to make lasagne, tagliatelle, linguini or ravioli, our pasta maker is a great kitchen gadget that will lend a hand in preparing authentic Italian pasta that is sure to impress.

Pasta Makers & Meat Mincers

Create some Christmas cheer by gifting a cocktail set and beautiful  Moderna Tumblers to a loved one this festive season.

Gourmet Kiru Knife Set 4 PieceTypical Price £59Only £39Shop Now
Nihon X50 Knife Set 5 Piece and Knife CaseTypical Price £179Only £109Shop Now
ProCook Pasta Maker Chrome Plated SteelTypical Price £39Only £29Shop Now
Gourmet X30 Steak Knife Set 6 Piece in Gift BoxTypical Price £49Only £32Shop Now

Christmas Gifts for Bakers

Do you have a baker in your friendship circle or family? If so, gifting them with baking utensils and bakeware so they can continue practicing their craft could be the perfect present for them. Here are a few cookery gifts perfect for the baker in your life.

Cake Tins

See if your loved one is missing any particular cake tins or are in need of new ones. Round cake tins are great for traditional sponges, but a novelty heart-shaped springform cake tin is unique and easy to use, preventing your bakes from crumbling when removing them from the tin. We also offer square cake tins, which are ideal for brownies and blondies.

Cake Tins

Novelty Cookie Cutters

Perhaps your loved one likes to bake cookies, biscuits and pastries. If so, an assortment of pastry and cookie cutters could be the perfect gift for bakers wanting to spend more time baking a variety of baked goods for themselves, their families, or friends. We also offer cake decorating tools that are ideal for decorating cakes as well as cookies like gingerbread men or sugar cookies and make excellent gifts for foodies.

Pastry & Cookie Cutters

Check out our festive baking gift ideas:

ProCook Non-Stick Heart Springform Tin 11cm / 4inTypical Price £9Only £6Shop Now
ProCook Heart Cookie Cutters Set of 5Typical Price £6Only £4Shop Now

Enrol Your Loved One in a Cookery Class

Foodies who love to learn new recipes or how to cook specific cuisines may love attending a cookery class. Cookery classes are not only a fun day out, but can be incredibly knowledgeable, teaching cooking techniques that they can use back home and impress their guests with, delighting their taste buds with everything that they have learned.

We have recently opened a cookery school that prides itself on teaching people of all skill levels how to enhance their cooking skills and techniques. Our cookery school runs half-day and full-day courses, overseeing a variety of cuisines, ensuring that there is a course to suit everyone.

Browse our cookery courses:

Cookery School

Celebrate Christmas with your friends and family, and if there's a foodie or chef amongst them, why not gift them something that will improve their cooking experience? We have plenty of quality cooking gifts and gifts for chefs both online and in our stores, so if you are ever unsure about a product, our friendly in-store staff are more than happy to help.

Featuring our ultra modern and sophisticated  matte black cast iron casserole pot.

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