ProCook Reversible Griddle

48cm x 26cm

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Product Description

  • Rectangular 48 x 26cm reversible griddle
  • Suitable for BBQ and indoor use
  • One side ridged for a perfect seared finish and one side flat for hot-plate cooking
  • Made from durable, long lasting cast iron suitable for gas / solid hobs, BBQs and oven use
  • 25 year guarantee - ProCook design, manufacture and supply innovative quality products and cut out the middleman to bring you unbeatable prices
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One of the best things in my kitchen

“Bought this griddle about 18 months ago or so, and it gets used pretty much daily for one thing or another. If you take care of it, it'll look brand new all-year round. Easy to clean and season, I could not imagine not having one ...” Read More

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|3 weeks ago
My old pan had seen better days. I have now invested in a quality product that will last years.
Review originally for ProCook Reversible Griddle 46cm x 26cm

|3 weeks ago
Haven’t used it yet but judging by the overall reviews it will be great
Review originally for ProCook Reversible Griddle 46cm x 26cm

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Product Description

ProCook Reversible Griddle

48cm x 26cm

The changeable British weather can make outdoor cooking difficult, but the ProCook reversible griddle will make things a lot easier! Perfect for use on the BBQ or inside on the hob at 48 x 26cm it is easy to pick up (with oven gloves!) and use inside if the weather changes.

As the name suggests, there are two sides to the griddle. One side is ridged to give food a seared/stripy finish with channels to drain away excess fat and the other side is flat and can be used as a hot plate for cooking anything from eggs to scotch pancakes.

Made from heavy, durable cast iron that is built to last a lifetime, you can be sure that you will get many happy years of cooking from the griddle.

Due to the properties of cast iron the griddle can be used on gas cookers, AGA / solid top cookers, BBQs and is oven safe. and is incredibly easy to clean with a wire brush and hot water. It is not recommended for dishwasher use or using detergent for cleaning.

25 year guarantee - ProCook design, manufacture and supply innovative quality products and cut out the middleman to bring you unbeatable prices.

Item Code: 166

 year guarantee period

This product is suitable for gas hobs

Product Specifications:


ProCook Cast Iron


Ridged and flat sides

Strong, heavy construction


48cm/19in x 26cm/10in Reversible griddle




Cast iron


Hob: gas, solid and BBQ

Oven safe: 260C

Dishwasher safe: no


25 Years

Care Instructions

How to season: ProCook Cast Iron Griddle

Built to last a lifetime our ProCook Cast Iron range boasts a quality to rival top brands in the market place all at incredible prices.

Each piece is hand cast from a single piece of molten iron and features a reassuringly weighty feel.

Serious chefs enjoy using cast iron due to its even heating and non-stick surface. But to make it last forever you will need to take care of it.

Cast iron seasoning is essential to maintain its non-stick surface and prevent the pan from rusting. Once seasoned properly, the cast iron cookware can last a lifetime.

Step 1: Preheat the oven to 180C

Give each piece a wash before you use it for the first time Place the griddle in a hot oven, but don't cook anything alongside the pan as the seasoning process can be affected by steam created by cooking other food.

Step 2: Wash and dry the griddle

Clean the griddle thoroughly using hot water without detergent and use a brush to scour it. This is the only time you will need to scrub it, after it is season you no longer need to scour.

Step 3: Coat the raw cast iron with lard, vegetable oil or olive oil

Make sure the griddle is completely coated and rub the oil in using paper towels.

Step 4: Place the griddle back in the oven

You need to bake the fat or oil into the raw cast iron surface for at least 2 hours. When the time is up, remove the griddle from the oven and allow it to cool.

We recommend using a medium to low heat when cooking and not to allow liquids to boil dry in the pans.

Step 5: Repeat the process 3 more times

It takes more than one coating of oil to completely season cast iron cookware. It may seem like a lot of effort, but to get a truly non-stick surface that won't strip off when you cook food, it is worth it!

How to maintain a ProCook Cast Iron Griddle

Step 1: Clean cast iron straight away

Cast iron cookware is always easiest to clean right after cooking and before the food have had a chance to become one with the griddle. Once it is cool enough to touch, wipe our any bits of food with a towel and rinse in hot water (without using detergent).

If there is a layer of stuck on food on the bottom of your griddle, use a mixture of salt and vinegar to scrub is off with a paper towel. Rinse it afterwards to make sure you wash off all traces of the vinegar

Caked-on food can also be burned off. Place the griddle in an oven preheated to a high heat. The food with eventually turn to ash, which can then easily be brushed off. You will need to re-season the griddle afterwards, as the seasoning will be burned off too.

Do not use soap or a wire brush on seasoned cast iron. It will scrape off the seasoning and remove the non-stick surface, which in turn allows moisture to react with the metal and create rust.

Step 2: Dry the griddle completely

After you have rinsed the griddle, you need to dry it completely. Use a tea towel to wipe it of taking care not to miss any of the corners.

Top tip! Place the pan upside down over the burner you used to cook with, the heat remaining on the hob will help dry the griddle faster.

Or alternatively you can place it in a warm oven for a few minutes.

Step 3: Coat the raw cast iron with lard, vegetable oil or olive oil

Make sure the griddle is completely coated and rub the oil in using paper towels.

Step 4: Store in a dry place

Make sure the griddle is stored in a place where it won't get wet. You could also line the griddle with a tea or paper towel to protect the surface.

By following these guidelines your cookware will last for many years of happy use and will keep your guarantee intact.


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