Professional Granite Multi Steamer Set 20cm / 4.4L Professional Granite Multi Steamer Set 20cm / 4.4L

Professional Granite Multi Steamer Set 20cm / 4.4L

Professional Granite Multi Steamer Set 20cm / 4.4L

Typically £109
Only £79
Product Description
  • Includes 20cm multi steamer insert and 20cm stockpot - perfect for cooking healthy vegetables and maintaining maximum nutrients and flavour
  • Forged aluminium body for strength and durability offering amazing heat distribution and energy efficient cooking
  • Low-fat, quick release cooking is easy with a triple layer of our premium ceramic reinforced 5-star ProCook Plus PFOA free non-stick coating
  • Suitable for most hob types including induction, oven safe to 260C & dishwasher safe
  • 25 year guarantee - ProCook design, manufacture and supply innovative quality products and cut out the middleman to bring you unbeatable prices
Typically £109 Only £79


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Product Description

Professional Granite Multi Steamer Set 20cm / 4.4L

This handy multi steamer set will help you cook healthy vegetables in no time at all, whilst saving space on the hob.

The set comes with a 20cm multi steamer insert and 20cm stockpot with high sides and ample 4.4L capacity, which can also be used on it's own to cook one pot meals for all the family. What's more the multi steamer insert has been designed to fit 16, 18 and 20cm saucepans and stockpots.

Forged from a single piece of aluminium for superior strength, heat is distributed quickly and evenly eliminating hotspots. A stainless-steel base provides induction compatibility for modern, energy efficient cooking, and ergonomic handles offer comfort.

The Professional Granite range from ProCook withstands the most rigorous cooking tasks in both domestic and professional kitchens, providing excellent results time after time. With a tough, lightly textured granite effect surface that looks great in any kitchen, these durable pans feature our premium ceramic-reinforced 5 star Plus coating which is PFOA free and offers incredible non-stick release. Each saucepan comes with a tough domed, self-basting glass lid and stainless-steel rim to seal in juices and flavours while cooking. Washing up is easy as the entire range is fully dishwasher safe.

Furthermore, this range is suitable for most hob types* including induction and is oven safe up to 260C.

To get the most from your ProCook Professional Granite pan we recommend you read our care instructions prior to first use.

*Not suitable for use on hot plate hobs.

25year guarantee.

Item Code: S2811

  • This product is suitable for ceramic hobs
  • This product is suitable for electric hobs
  • This product is suitable for gas hobs
  • This product is suitable for induction hobs
  • This product is oven safe up to 260°c
  • This product is dishwasher safe
  • This product is PFOA Free
  •  year guarantee period

Product Specifications:


ProCook Professional Granite


Insert fits 16, 18 and 20cm saucepans and stockpots

Sleek, modern design with granite effect finish

Forged aluminium for even heat distribution

Self-basting, heat resistant toughened glass lids

Internal size:

Insert 20cm/8in x 10cm/4in

Stockpot & lid 20cm/8in x 14cm/5.5in 4.4L


Insert 665g

Stockpot 1603g


Insert: 18/10 stainless steel

Pan: Forged aluminium

Handle and base: stanless steel


5 star ProCook Plus triple layer PFOA free


Dishwasher safe: yes

Oven safe: 260°C

Hob: induction, electric, gas, ceramic, glass, halogen


25 Years

Care Instructions

Getting the most from your Professional Granite Cookware

Step 1: Wash the cookware thoroughly

Wash before first use.

Each piece in the range is dishwasher safe so cleaning is easy, or alternatively wash in hot soapy water with a soft brush or nylon pad

Step 2: Cooking with Professional Granite

All pieces in the Professional Granite range feature 5 star ProCook Plus triple layer PFOA free non-stick coating for amazing stick free cooking. Do not use metal utensils on the non-stick surface as this can damage the coating. We advise using nylon, silicone or wooden utensils for best results.

Do not expose to oven temperatures greater than 260°C

Extra special care should be taken on both induction and ceramic hobs not to move pans around once placed on the hob to prevent possible scratching. Scratched hobs are not covered by your ProCook guarantee.

Some tips for cooking on induction hobs

Induction hobs can deliver extremely high heat outputs, often at double or triple times that of a typical gas hob. Therefore, extra care must be taken to reduce the heat setting as excessive heat will damage the pan and this may not be covered by your guarantee.

Only use high heat or boost settings for boiling large quantities of water (e.g. for pasta).

Reduce the heat setting as soon as the desired temperature has been achieved.

Do not use the boost setting to heat oil or fat.

Never heat an empty pan - the high output from an induction hob may damage the pan which is not covered by the guarantee.

Step 3: Cleaning those difficult bits

If there are any burnt-on-bits on pans, soak the pan in hot soapy water to loosen then wash as normal

Do not use steel wool or metal pads as they will scratch the surface of the cookware. Although they will not damage how the pan functions, they may affect the general aesthetic of the cookware.

By following these guidelines your cookware will last for many years of happy use and will keep your guarantee intact.