How to Bone and Butterfly a Leg of Lamb



Boned, butterflied leg of lamb will cook more quickly than a bone-in leg so you will need to adjust your recipe accordingly.


Place the leg of lamb on a chopping board and cut off any membrane and excess fat.


Feel for the triangular H-bone at the end of the leg.


Cut around the bone using a sharp knife such as the Classic X30 boning knife until it is almost free, then pull it to release from the  ball and socket joint, cut it at the joint and discard.


Working from the foot-end (opposite end) of the leg, cut along one side of the foot bone, freeing as much of the bone from the meat as possible.


At the knee joint, (about two-thirds down the foot-bone), change direction, cutting along one side of the thigh bone in the same way to free the bone from the meat.


Cut along the other side of the bones in exactly the same way, then remove the bones. Trim any remaining cartilage or excess fat left on the meat.


Make a deep incision in the thicker part of the leg meat, then open it out to form one flat, even piece of meat.





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