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Cooling Racks & Oven Grids

Cooling racks are a baking necessity once you've brought your baked goods out of the oven. Leaving your cookies, pastries and cakes to cool on hot baking trays & sheets or in cake tins can cause your baked goods to continue cooking and become overdone. Our wire cooling racks are designed to elevate your baked goods and have air circulate under your cookies, pastries and biscuits, cooling them quickly and reducing the risk of a soggy bottom.

Along with cooling racks, we also have oven grids. Both our baking oven grids and cake cooling racks have feet to lift your baked goods off from your countertops to help speed up the cooling process. A quicker cooling process provides you with a cake or cookie cool enough to withstand decorating with cake decorating tools, ensuring that the icing doesn't melt and slide from the heat.