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Graters & Juicers

Use a grater to shred potatoes for hashbrowns and bake them on one of our baking trays & sheets, or add grated rind into a cake mix before baking it in one of our cake tins. Graters and juicers are great for adding additional flavour and texture into your bakes, such as using a cheese grater to grate hard cheeses for pizza and pasta, or chocolate for desserts. Depending on the size of the kitchen grater, you can even use a grater to rice cauliflower.

Citrus reamers and juicers make juicing lemons, limes and oranges much easier. Simply slice your citrus fruit in half and press one half into the citrus juicer, collecting the liquid in a jug or container. Mix citrus juice into a cake mix, perfect for adding extra flavour into a lemon drizzle cake. Much like our baking utensils, our lemon juicers and kitchen graters are handy pieces of baking equipment that can add flavour to your recipes.