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Rolling Pins & Baking Beans

Rolling pins and baking beans are a kitchen necessity for those who love to bake pastries, cookies, and pies. Without a quality baking rolling pin, your dough can be uneven and cause your bakes to be inconsistent - left raw or overcooked in parts. By using a baking rolling pin with pastry & cookie cutters, you can bake uniform biscuits and cookies that are sure to impress.

Rolling pins are also great for transferring pie dough from your kitchen countertop to your pie dishes or flan & quiche dishes, reducing the risk of tearing or stretching the dough. Once the pie dough is in place, lightly press the dough into the dish before placing ceramic baking beans on top. Ceramic baking beans prevent empty pastry cases from rising in the oven, which is ideal when blind baking (a baking technique that prevents a soggy bottom).