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Coffee Machines

Coffee machines allow you to master the art of brewing barista-style coffee within the comfort of your own home, especially when using good quality coffee capsules. Our capsule coffee machines is designed with the coffee lover in mind - a simple and quick way for you to easily brew full-bodied coffee. For guidance on which coffee maker is best for you and your lifestyle, check out our Coffee Machine Buying Guide.

Fully compatible with our five luxurious coffee capsules, our coffee pod machine also features a milk wand which offers an impressive 11 milk temperature settings and 8 texture levels, so you can create steamed milk or micro foam to your heart's content. There are many ways you can elevate the presentation of your coffee, from adding a dusting of chocolate to your cappuccino to adding latte art with the help of coffee stencils. Browse our coffee accessories for our full selection.

Much like any coffee machine, proper care and maintenance is needed to preserve your coffee maker's longevity. We've created a handy guide on how to clean and maintain your coffee machine or maker, so you can continue creating the best flavoured coffee possible.