Perfect for cooking Asian cuisine, our woks will brilliantly stir-fry vegetables, tofu and meats for delicious rice and noodle dishes. Available in a variety of sizes and materials, we've got a wok that's perfect for you and your needs!

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Woks are designed to perfectly flash fry (or stir fry) vegetables, tofu, and meats, so you can cook delicious noodle and rice dishes that are popular across Asia. Also known as a stir fry pan, Chinese woks are fantastic for locking in flavour for quick yet tasty meals.

What makes a wok so special, however, is its shape. Whether it's a carbon steel wok or a non stick wok, you'll be familiar with its iconic rounded shape - similar to a bowl. A wok's small base aids in precise cooking, while its high sides keep the remaining food off the heat, stopping it from becoming overcooked. Tossing your ingredients becomes much easier too, which is ideal for rapid cooking.

Woks are designed for when you need to constantly move and stir your ingredients. For softer foods that are more fragile and prone to breaking during cooking, frying pans and skillets are better suited. You may also wish to use a saute pans, too.

If you are unsure on which cookware is best for the job, check out our Pots and Pans Buying Guide, which explains everything from pan materials to pots and pans and their uses.