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Grill the perfect steak with one of our griddles and griddle pans, which are perfectly designed to flash fry your food. Made from cast iron for quick and even cooking results, our griddle pans come in a variety of sizes.

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Griddle Pans

Griddles pans and griddle plates feature raised ridges in the pan's base for beautiful char marks that rival the ones given by a BBQ grill, adding flavour to your dish and improving cooking presentation. The ridges on grill pans also stop your food from cooking in the released fat for healthier cooking. Flash fry your meat, vegetables or tofu once your griddle pan reaches a high heat for quick and tasty results.

ProCook cast iron griddles are durable, conduct heat quickly and distribute the heat evenly across the griddle pan's surface. Fry the ingredients or pop the griddle pan in the oven for easy and flavoursome cooking. Looking to fry without the char marks? Browse our frying pans and skillets as well as our saute pans.