Oven Dishes

Ideal for pasta al forno, or one-dish wonders, our oven dishes are perfect for every home. With ideal shapes for pies, flans or lasagne, there are plenty of options with colourful variations to suit each oven-to-table experience

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Oven Dishes

Oven dishes and baking dishes help you cook your ingredients in the oven, ensuring that they are cooked all the way through. Ovenproof dishes are incredibly versatile with their heat conduction and retention. You can cook a pasta bake or a pie in our ProCook oven dishes, getting consistent meals each time.

Fancy cooking a lasagne? Our lasagne dishes are designed to withstand high temperatures so that you can cook your lasagne all the way through. We also offer beautiful enamel pie dishes that are not only durable but also offer a rustic charm so you can serve your pies hot from the oven.

Use the right oven dish for the recipe at hand. Our cast iron casseroles are ideal for casseroles whereas our roasting tins, trays and racks are perfect for roasting vegetables. For serving straight from the oven, check out our oven to tableware collection.