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    ProCook Magnetic Timer Ivory 6.00 5 Grey Plastic Timers
    ProCook Magnetic Timer Sage 6.00 5 Green Plastic Timers
    ProCook Egg Timer Stainless Steel Apple 6.00 4 Silver Stainless Steel Timers
    ProCook Egg Timer Blue Silicone 4.00 5 Blue Silicone Timers
    ProCook Egg Timer 3 4 and 5 Minute 10.00 5 Silver Stainless Steel / Glass Timers

    Kitchen Clocks & Timers

    A good quality kitchen clock or timer is essential to get perfect cooking results every time. The humble egg timer for example allows you to cook perfect boiled eggs as well as far more complex meals like full roast dinners. Get all your timings spot-on (and make sure you leave time to get ready before the dinner guests arrive) with a ProCook Kitchen Clock which also make wonderful housewarming gifts.

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