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Here at ProCook, we understand that stovetop kettles are about more than just boiling water; it's about how it looks sitting on the hob, the whistling sound it makes when boiling, and the feeling of quality that it brings to any kitchen. That's not enough for us though; we didn't just want to re-produce a classic stovetop kettle design, we wanted to build a kettle that mixes functionality and old-school charm with a modern stylistic edge. Our 2-litre-capacity kettles achieve just this; super-fast boiling times, polished stainless steel construction, clever levers to clear the spout cover while pouring and to decrease boiling time, and soft-touch black handles to keep your hands cool while pouring all combine to make a kettle which is a cut above the rest. Best of all for such a quality piece, our kettles are guaranteed for 10 years, giving you the assurance you need to invest in what will surely be the centrepiece of your kitchen arsenal.