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ProCook Reversible Griddle With FREE Barbecue Tools 24.00 5 Black Cast Iron Range Rectangular Cast Iron Griddles
ProCook Cast Iron Casserole Set 3 Piece with Griddle Black 91.00 5 Black Cast Iron Range 3 Piece Cast Iron Casseroles
ProCook Cast Iron Casserole Set 3 Piece Black 106.00 5 Black Cast Iron Range 3 Piece Cast Iron Casseroles
ProCook Cast Iron Casserole 20cm / 2.9L Round Black 29.00 5 Black Cast Iron Range 20cm Cast Iron Casseroles
ProCook Cast Iron Casserole 26cm / 4.0L Oval Black 39.00 5 Black Cast Iron Range 27cm Cast Iron Casseroles
ProCook Cast Iron Casserole 28cm / 3.5L Shallow Black 39.00 5 Black Cast Iron Range 28cm Cast Iron Shallow Casseroles
ProCook Cast Iron Casserole Set 3 Piece with Griddle Cream 91.00 5 Cream Cast Iron Range 3 Piece Cast Iron Casseroles
ProCook Cast Iron Casserole Set 3 Piece Cream 106.00 5 Cream Cast Iron Range 3 Piece Cast Iron Casseroles
ProCook Cast Iron Casserole 20cm / 2.9L Round Cream 29.00 4 Cream Cast Iron Range 20cm Cast Iron Casseroles
ProCook Cast Iron Casserole 26cm / 4.0L Oval Cream 39.00 5 Cream Cast Iron Range 26cm Cast Iron Casseroles
ProCook Cast Iron Casserole 28cm / 3.5L Shallow Cream 39.00 5 Cream Cast Iron Range 28cm Cast Iron Shallow Casseroles
ProCook Cast Iron Casserole Set 3 Piece with Griddle Graduated Turquoise 91.00 5 Turquoise Cast Iron Range 3 Piece Cast Iron Casseroles
ProCook Cast Iron Casserole Set 3 Piece Graduated Turquoise 106.00 5 Turquoise Cast Iron Range 3 Piece Cast Iron Casseroles
ProCook Cast Iron Casserole 20cm / 2.9L Round Graduated Turquoise 29.00 5 Turquoise Cast Iron Range 20cm Cast Iron Casseroles
ProCook Cast Iron Casserole 26cm / 4.0L Oval Graduated Turquoise 39.00 5 Turquoise Cast Iron Range 26cm Cast Iron Casseroles
ProCook Cast Iron Casserole 28cm / 3.5L Shallow Graduated Turquoise 39.00 5 Turquoise Cast Iron Range 28cm Cast Iron Shallow Casseroles
ProCook Cast Iron Casserole 20cm / 2.9L Round Graduated Burgundy 29.00 5 Burgundy Cast Iron Range 20cm Cast Iron Casseroles
ProCook Cast Iron Casserole 26cm / 4.0L Oval Graduated Burgundy 39.00 5 Burgundy Cast Iron Range 26cm Cast Iron Casseroles
ProCook Cast Iron Casserole Set 3 Piece with Griddle Graduated Burgundy 91.00 5 Burgundy Cast Iron Range 3 Piece Cast Iron Casseroles
ProCook Cast Iron Casserole Set 3 Piece Graduated Burgundy 106.00 5 Burgundy Cast Iron Range 3 Piece Cast Iron Casseroles
ProCook Cast Iron Casserole 28cm / 3.5L Shallow Graduated Burgundy 39.00 5 Burgundy Cast Iron Range 28cm Cast Iron Shallow Casseroles
ProCook Reversible Griddle 49cm x 26cm 24.00 5 Black Cast Iron Range Rectangular Cast Iron Griddles
ProCook Cast Iron Square Griddle 26cm Graduated Burgundy 24.00 5 Burgundy Cast Iron Range 26cm Cast Iron Griddles
ProCook Cast Iron Square Griddle 26cm Graduated Turquoise 24.00 5 Turquoise Cast Iron Range 26cm Cast Iron Griddles
ProCook Cast Iron Square Griddle 26cm Cream 24.00 5 Cream Cast Iron Range 26cm Cast Iron Griddles
ProCook Cast Iron Square Griddle 26cm Black 24.00 5 Black Cast Iron Range 26cm Cast Iron Griddles

Cast Iron Cookware

Cast iron cookware is renowned for its excellent heat retention and natural non-stick properties. Whilst requiring extra care and attention in use, cast iron cookware's longevity and quality means it can remain a central piece of any cook's kitchen for years.

Our cast iron cookware is rated 4.9 / 5.0 From 78 reviews

Customer Reviews

"Versatile!"  5/5 stars  I love this dish, it is so versatile! Use it for all sorts of different types of recipes. I hope to add to the range. - by ,07 August 2013

"strong, sturdy, reliable"  5/5 stars  I won this from ProCook, it is absolutely incredible! It takes anything I throw at it, including very spicy curries and apple cake (yes - I made a huge apple cake in it which needed a lid) it doesn't stain, washes clean like new easily and I know whatever I make in there will turn out as intended. - by ,17 July 2013

"Great casserole dish"  5/5 stars  I got this to do slow cooked joints and casseroles especially the James Martin lamb madras with a whole shoulder and it is fab. Does the job very well and looks nice! - by ,30 July 2013

"Good quality"  5/5 stars  Lovely pan for casseroles or more liquid dishes. It does catch in centre of pan if used for frying. Perfect size for 4 large servings. - by ,28 May 2014

"Cast-iron shallow casserole"  5/5 stars  I bought this to use as a tagine/slow cook casserole which I could use on hot plate as well as in the oven and for ease of cleaning. This pot is excellent in all my requirements and in a fab colour Aubergine it goes well on serving on the table too. - by ,31 July 2013

"Best multipurpose pan in my favourite colour"  5/5 stars  I really love this pan for both hob and oven use - it takes the place of frying pan, casserole and saucepan. I even use it for poaching eggs. I particularly love the aubergine colour, though the other colours might look better in some kitchens. It is one of the few pans that I own which will work on the induction hob which I bought recently. The thick base also works brilliantly (without buckling) on the very hot plate of my AGA - and you can't say that about many pans!Cleaning it is a doddle - I know that it can be dishwashed, but I actually fill it with soapy water after use (so that I don't need to re-oil the unfinished edges) and it comes clean easily after a good soak.Another useful thing about this range is that they will stack inside each other - very handy if you store pans in a deep drawer, as I do - since they don't have the unwieldy long handles of ""normal"" saucepans.Best of all, this pan is very good value when compared to other branded cast iron cookware.ProCook Aubergine Cast Iron Casserole 28cm / 3.5L Shallow - by ccbath,07 August 2013

"Aubergine Cast Iron Casserole Dish 28cm"  5/5 stars  A very good product and suitable for my induction plates as well as oven use - by ,30 July 2013

"ProCook Red Cast Iron Casserole 20cm / 2.3L Round"  5/5 stars  Excellent casserole, good looking, and practical. Very impressed. - by ,08 August 2013

"good product"  5/5 stars  a very good casserole the colour is nice and is cheaper then the france one , i recommend this - by ,07 August 2013

"Very sturdy and good quality finish."  4/5 stars  Bought this for my mum as she had been after a 'proper' saucepan style pan, to add to the larger 'frying pan' style one she has got. Overall, it is very good. Sturdy, solid, well made and a good quality finish on the inside and out.Only real downsides are that we can't use it with the hob on full heat, unless there's water in the pan, otherwise whatever you are cooking will stick to the bottom, really badly! For example, if you are frying onions, browning off meat etc no matter how much oil you use, it will stick to the bottom unless you have it on a medium-low heat. But then again, it doesn't claim to be a non-stick pan, does it?ProCook Cast Iron Casserole 20cm / 2.9L Round Aubergine - by Cpfc,03 July 2014

"So pretty!"  5/5 stars  This pot appeared in an email at exactly the right time. I had just moved in to my new flat and needed something to cook curries, stews and roasts in. I saw this, a great price, size and my favourite colour so I had to have it. It was delivered really fast and looks exactly like on the photo. I've already tested it out a few times as well and it works brilliantly, especially for keeping your meat juicy and tender when roasted. Also, it's not too heavy either so top marks for design as well. Just make sure you don't touch the handles - they get hot! - by ,17 July 2013

"Quality casserole"  5/5 stars  This is a really useful size - deep with a smaller diameter base. It cooks excellent casseroles as do all cast iron.I start cooking on my induction hob, finish in the oven and bring to the table to serve. Thank you.ProCook Cast Iron Casserole 20cm / 2.9L Round Aubergine - by jfjclarach,28 May 2014

"Make me a better cook"  5/5 stars  I brought this dish over 2 months ago and now hardly a day goes by without me using it. I now shop for food that can be cooked in it. It has not failed to produce nothing but excellent results every time. Forget non stick...a quick rinse after use and your ready to go again. Compared with Le..... it wins hands down. Saving up for the rest of the set now. Cant wait to start cooking.Nigel North DorsetProCook Cast Iron Casserole 20cm / 2.9L Round Aubergine - by Fisherman,08 August 2013

"great product"  5/5 stars  I bought this about 6 months ago. We have used it rather alot and it looks the same as it did 6 months ago . Fantastic product. Going to buy another one a different size. - by ,03 July 2014

"20cm round casserolr"  5/5 stars  I bought this a few months ago and don't know how I managed without it .it is very good looking and goes from stove top straight into oven no need to. Transfer food into another casserole - by ,31 July 2013

"Very nice..."  5/5 stars  I bought the Fusion frying pan, egg rings and the cast iron casserole 20" but only recently used the casserole. It definitely is a really nice cookware. Am glad that it's enamel as it's easier to clean and maintain. After washing I a small amoutn of oil on a tissue and wipe the rim and inside. It is heavy but then it's good quality. I've only made soup with it as it keeps warm for longer than an aluminum stock pot or pan. As for ProCook, would definitely order from them again. The items were packaged well and marked "Fragile" so very happy when it turned up within 2 days. If you do burn the casserole: use dry rock salt, rub the burn off and rinse then wipe with oil. - by ,30 July 2013

"The Best"  5/5 stars  This is equal to the well known French model and is significantly cheaper in price. A thoroughly good buy. - by ,30 July 2013

"Hob to oven no problem"  5/5 stars  Bought this last week used about three times chicken casserole heated up on hob then put in oven on economy perfect risotto cooked tonight yum and bonus is so far it's so easy to clean brilliant buy love it - by ,18 August 2014

"Fantastic pan"  5/5 stars  I bought this 4 months ago and it is brilliant. Superb for all my cooking needs and a great showpiece. I keep the pan on my new modern hob as it looks great. - by ,28 May 2014

"My Burgundy Beauty"  5/5 stars  My casserole's a cracker !I like the colour too;I am so delighted with itThat I've sent this great review.ProCook Cast Iron Casserole 20cm / 2.9L Round Burgundy - by Ange,04 July 2014

"Love The Colour"  4/5 stars  I love the colour and it matches my kitchen perfectly. A nice big size for making casseroles - by ,10 February 2014

"Just what I wanted!"  4/5 stars  I bought some serving dishes which were exactly what I had been looking for for ages....and got 5 off too... - by ,07 August 2014

"Compelling Appeals"  5/5 stars  Spotted by its alluring,magnetic colour, this cast iron casserole has been an ever- reinforcing purchase. Solid and reassuring to handle, delightful in its function, it prepares and treats food to its aspiring best. At its very least, its use transforms an incompetent cook into a connoisseur in the kitchen, at its best it encourages an amateur cook to aspire to become a chef. - by ,21 August 2014

"Great little cooker."  4/5 stars  A good little cooker. Ideal for me as a single person, it would also do for two. - by ,30 July 2013

"good looking and easy to use"  4/5 stars  Just the right size for making a host of casseroles or stews for 2- 3 people. Looks good too so can serve at the table if required. I'll be back for a second one in a larger size when entertaining. Thanks. - by ,29 August 2014

"Procast iron casserole 20cm / 2.9L round grey"  5/5 stars  Loveit! Loveit! Loveit! The best pan I have every bought, brilliant on top of the stove and in the oven, can't recommend this enough! - by ,17 September 2014

"Pro cook hotpot"  5/5 stars  Recently I purchased a pro cook cast iron casserole pot and I love it , I love the colour and shape it sits in my oven perfectly - by ,04 July 2014

"Great all rounder"  5/5 stars  Bought this a couple of weeks ago, and already have used it so many times. It is so versatile as I can start my casseroles or whatever in the dish on the cooker, and then transfer it straight it to oven. Means no extra pots and pans to wash, and it looks great sitting on the table for everyone to help themselves. And then when it comes to washing up - it washes so easily, even if something has burned on it comes off really easy. Saving up now to buy the rest of the set!! - by ,29 May 2014

"ProCook delicious"  5/5 stars  Procook delicious - each day I cook up recipes like a professional cook and love the results- Procook delicious! - by ,03 July 2014

"So versatile"  5/5 stars  I bought my large stock pot 4 months ago and have been so pleased with it. I use it frequently and it cooks on the hob browning meat and onions without burning or sticking and can then be transferred straight to the oven with the lid on. I have been extremely satisfied with its braising capability. It doesn't loose the steam because of the well fitting lid and the meat comes out beautifully tender. It can then go straight to the table because the colour of the pot is beautiful. Would love more crockery in this range. I am one very satisfied customer. - by ,30 July 2013

"In Love with Cast Iron"  5/5 stars  The product is great! It's sturdy and has taken two moves with me already. Cooking with it is easy it also comes clean without much scrubbing. If you like to cook stews or long cook meals this is the product for you. The 3.9L can make a stew for 5-6 people depending on portion size. - by ,17 July 2013

"Gorgeous addition to any kitchen"  5/5 stars  I bought this as a present for my husband who is the chef of the house and he was thrilled to bits. Very versatile and from my point of view looks great too. - by ,30 July 2013

"Good products, annoying & late offers!"  4/5 stars  No issues with item, it does what it says on tin. Pretty good quality at good price. However after purchasing it I received a marketing email a day or 2 later offering a discount. This has happened twice on my purchases. I did call in and ask to be reinbursed but no joy. As headline says Good products, annoying & late offers! - by ,30 July 2013

"Fantastic buy, great size for cooking a large meal"  5/5 stars  Have one of these, great for cooking for friends and family - by ,08 August 2013

"Beautiful & functional"  5/5 stars  I love this pot. I've had it for around a year and its still like new despite being used weekly. Keeps heat really well so barely need to use the gas! Will be buying another size for myself and some for Christmas presents (yes, I know its a little early). The colour is lovely. - by ,17 July 2013

"Love it !"  5/5 stars  I already have an oval casserole that is also perfect for roasting chicken. One pot cooking with meat and veg layered is our favourite meal and my new pot is perfect for that too. They clean up brilliantly too ! - by ,01 August 2013

"Indispensable!"  5/5 stars  Used my daughter, liked it so much bought one immediately. Brilliant cooking pot will not be using anything else - by ,10 September 2014

"Great quality"  5/5 stars  Bought item it was reduced due to a small chip. Great quality and helpful staff in store. - by ,23 September 2014

"Great product, Great value"  5/5 stars  I've had this for about a week and I've used it about 4 times for various dishes; chilli, stew and lamb shanks. The product has been flawless, it heats up very quickly on my gas hob and retains the heat very well in the oven. I had to add a little more water/stock/wine than I usually do as i'm used to using something that doesn't retain the heat as well. This is such a good product and the price is fantastic - by ,07 August 2013

"Iron casserole pot"  5/5 stars  Fantastic pot size, stunning burgundy colour & you can make just about anything in it! The tall sides help keep the cooker top cleaner & the residual heat finishes my dishes off beautiful. Haven't used it in the oven yet, but for making batches of bolognaise sauce it really makes it simple..... Dead pleased with this pot! - by ,05 July 2014

"Cast Iron Casserole"  5/5 stars  The casserole is excellent and finished very well indeed. It has a good 'feel' when manoeuvering on the hob and putting it in and out of the oven. I'm especially pleased at the temperature it can handle. - by ,17 September 2014

"Pot for many uses"  5/5 stars  Fantastic product so versatile, have made many great one pot meals so easy to clean comes up like new. - by ,19 September 2014

"One pot does it all!"  5/5 stars  I love this casserole dish so much because you can use it on a hob and then it can go straight into the oven. So many casserole dishes don't allow use on hobs so it means you need to use extra pots!! Which means more washing up! This also goes straight into the dishwasher - all round 5 star casserole dish. - by ,13 July 2014

"great value"  5/5 stars  I have just bought this beautiful new casserole. Fantastic really quick service arrived the next day! Got in a very special deal so happy all round - by ,18 September 2014

"Forget the rest"  5/5 stars  This is as good as a well known brand that costs so much more. Buy it and you'll never bother with that 'other' brand. Save the extra money and buy some nice wine to go with the casserole :) - by ,04 July 2014

"Exactly what we wanted"  5/5 stars  Brought this product 3 weeks ago and it is fantastic. Price was excellent and versatility of the product second to none, we will be definitely be buying the rest of the set in the near future - by ,24 July 2014

"Cast iron casserole 23cm"  5/5 stars  I bought this casserole dish over 6 months ago and it was the best thing I ever did, and so I bought another one as well - by ,13 June 2014

"As good as Le Creuset"  5/5 stars  I generally buy Le Creuset heavy cookwear as I am an Chef by trade. I saw the product and was impressed by its weight and how sturdy it was.Six months in and I am a convert! Half price of the French gear and the quality is easily as goodProCook Cast Iron Casserole 23cm / 3.9L Round Cream - by Simonypvs,28 May 2014

"Fantastic"  5/5 stars  I bought this last week and I've already used it 3 times! It's great to be able to cook on the hob then put it in the oven and it retains heat brilliantly. - by ,08 August 2014

"Excellent"  5/5 stars  An excellent buy, I love it. Can't wait to get some more. Good value for the money. - by ,16 August 2014

"Efficient service"  5/5 stars  I have found both the griddle and cast iron casserole dish work very well on the B-B-Q and was very happy as I was not expecting it until the Monday buy it arrived the next day in time to be used at the weekend. - by ,10 October 2014

"Cast Iron Casserole 23cm round tourquioise"  5/5 stars  On induction hobs it is a fantastic conductor of heat. food cooks well and is easy to clean . Lid has to be handled with care and ovenglove as knob does get hot, but apart from that it is a brilliant cooking vessal - by ,28 August 2014

"Beautiful colour, excellent quality!"  5/5 stars  I bought this casserole dish last weekend and have already used it three times on my gas hob. It washed up easily and still looks brand new. I'm so glad I bought this make as it was really good value for money. - by ,27 July 2014

"Amazing product"  5/5 stars  This has been amazing. Worried not purchasing a Le Cruiste one, but it's been spot on. - by ,11 October 2014

"Wedding Present"  5/5 stars  I recently purchased a cast iron casserole together with a set of rectangular dishes. They were purchased as a wedding gift. The ordering and delivery was efficient and the items arrived in good order. It looks a good product and will hopefully stand the test of time. - by ,31 July 2013

"Solid and robust Cast Iron Casserole"  5/5 stars  I've had item for a couple of months now. Used it many times and is excellent (also easy to clean) - by ,31 July 2013

"Large size casserole"  4/5 stars  Wanted a large casserole pot that could go from oven to table. But the real reason was to be able to do some slow cooking and the hob we have just burnt things up. This casserole pot does the job brilliantly - if it is a really long cook then the lid does need some extra sealing. Overall I am delighted with the product and it is used almost weekly. - by ,30 July 2013

"Shank-tastic"  5/5 stars  As you will guess from title of this review, I was prompted to make this purchase primarily to cook some slow roasted lamb shanks. The results were lovely succulent shanks which thanks to the roaster retained their tatste and were infused with the red wine sauce.An essentail piece of kitchen kit. Easy to clean and would recommend toany discerning home chef.ProCook Cast Iron Casserole 26cm / 4.0L Oval Black - by JustLaw,05 August 2013

"Rustic yet modern"  5/5 stars  I bought this casserole dish in the winter just gone for cooking my rabbit stews in bulk batch. It's a very well made bit of kitchenware that cooks stews and casseroles wonderfully. Very good price compared to other competitors and equally as good in quality. - by ,06 July 2014

"ProCook Black Cast Iron Casserole 26cm / 4.0L Ova"  5/5 stars  Excellent product from Pro Cook! very easy to easy had some great food cook in it.If your looking for a new pot choose this one it perfect.ProCook Cast Iron Casserole 26cm / 4.0L Oval Black - by Econ40,30 July 2013

"casserole cast iron"  5/5 stars  bought at lowry Salford advice given was spot on..easy to use ,easy to clean and fit so much in!! - by ,21 August 2014

"Why pay more for your cast iron casserole?"  5/5 stars  I bought this casserole to put in my holiday home in Greece. It is every bit as good as my trusty Le Creuset back home but cost a third of the price! Looks smart too. I bought another one to give to a 20 yr starting her own home & kitchen and hope she gets years of use from it. - by ,03 July 2014

"Very good quality pot"  5/5 stars  I bought this pot about three months ago and its being used regulary, it has a good sturdy handle and the outer coating cleans up well. I will continue to buy the whole set and I am a chef. - by ,17 July 2013

"perfect straight from oven to table"  5/5 stars  only had it a few days and used it once for lamb shanks they were perfect - by ,03 July 2014

"Perfect"  5/5 stars  I'm so pleased I shall be buying the others in this range & it came so quickly. Thank you - by ,30 July 2013

"Lovely"  5/5 stars  As good as the more famous Frenche, at a fraction of the price. cast iron war - by ,23 June 2014

"Great Value for money"  5/5 stars  I bought this a week ago as a house warming gift. I chose it because of its overall quality and versatility. It is very good value for money. - by ,03 October 2014

"Cast Iron Casserole"  5/5 stars  I purchased the above item some weeks ago and have to comment that the item was of a very high quality. I have used the item on many occasions and it cleans up to almost new every time.i was so impressed that I also purchased the shallow lidded casserole to accompany it. - by ,30 May 2014

"A Great Buy!"  5/5 stars  I am thrilled with this casserole! All my married life I had wanted a Le Creuset casserole but they were always too expensive. When I could afford to buy one I decided to compare with similar products on the market. I went to ProCook and loved the cream 4litre one. It was marginally lighter, which was a plus, and has turned out to be amazing. I never realised what a bonus it is to prepare and cook a casserole in the same pot. I do a lot of entertaining and it's revolutionised my cooking. - by ,05 July 2014

"Solid product"  4/5 stars  Casserole dish has been a perfect addition to our kitchen. Good quality, decent size and can see this lasting a long time... - by ,29 May 2014

"great piece of cookware"  5/5 stars  I bought this 2 months, so far no complaints would recommend - by ,29 May 2014

"Good Value for Money"  5/5 stars  I'd always used ceramic casserole dishes, but always had my eye on getting a cast iron what with them being versatile. Now I have one and it's barely in the cupboard. I use it for alot of things, bolognese, curry etc as well as casseroles. Before buying, I shopped around and here was the cheapest for the size of dish. Would certainly look at buying other kitchen equipment from here. - by ,02 September 2014

"Fantastic quality"  5/5 stars  Bought this a few months ago and used it a number of times... Very good quality. Even burnt our dinner a few night ago and after a quick soak, all scrubbed off without any scratches... Retains heat evenly. Very happy with this purchase... As good as the big brand names, if not better. - by ,28 May 2014

"cast iron casserole dish"  5/5 stars  I bought this list week it was a great price. We've used it a lot, its great for roasting a chicken as well. It's easy to clean as long as you follow the instructions of before use. We are really happy with it - by ,23 September 2014

"Amazing quality"  5/5 stars  I have always wanted a cast iron pot and this one is fantastic. It cooks really well and hold the heat inside brilliantly. It is also a doddle to clean. - by ,31 May 2014

"Great lamb shanks"  5/5 stars  Used this to cook lamb shanks ! Easy to clean and great food - by ,30 July 2013

"does the job perfectly"  5/5 stars  I use this mainly for making lazy bread. It's perfect for this job but has also been excellent for other cooking. Sturdy and solid. - by ,03 July 2014

"As good as much more expensive rivals"  5/5 stars  I'm a novice cook, and didn't want spend a hundred or more pounds on a cast iron pot that I would immediately ruin. I opted for this pot instead as it was far cheaper, and it has proven to be just as high quality as the more well known expensive alternatives. I haven't burnt anything in it yet either! - by ,30 July 2013


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