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Cast Iron Casserole Dishes

Cast iron casserole dishes are wonderful pieces of cookware that allow you to cook delicious casseroles and stews for hearty meals during the colder months. Not only do cast iron oven dishes look beautiful with their rustic charm, but due to being made from cast iron, a casserole pot conducts and retains heat for even cooking.

There are many ways you can cook with a cast iron casserole dish. You can place our casserole pots on the stove, and due to them being flameproof, our shallow and large cast iron casserole dishes are also oven safe. All our cast iron casserole dishes come with enamel pimples on the inside of the lid for enhanced self basting, ensuring that your casserole stays succulent.

ProCook also offer a selection of cast iron cookware sets, including cast iron griddles. Make sure you care for your cast iron and use proper cleaning products to maintain your casserole dish's cooking performance.