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Santoku & Nakiri Knives

Santoku knives have become a stable in any cook's collection, and like Nakiri knives originate from Japan. The Santoku Knife is ideal for slicing, dicing and chopping vegetables or meat, and with a wide, scalloped blade the the food with fall away from the blade with ease. This makes it one of the most popular Japanese knives in the western world.

The name 'santoku' translates to 'three virtues', relating to three everyday chopping techniques; slicing, mincing and dicing. Santoku knives are also typically shorter in blade length than chefs knives, which can provide tighter control and precision for those with less experience. The scalloped blade on a santoku knife also creates air pockets which allow vegetables to slide off the knife, enabling you to work faster.

Nakiri knives on the other hand feature a straight edge blade, allowing a smoother chopping action and produce even, consistent cuts especially of more delicate vegetables. Also see our selection of Japanese knife sets.