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Kitchen Scissors

Kitchen scissors have many uses, from helping you cut paper and string to slicing pizzas and quesadillas. Although our best selling knife sets and cooks & chefs knives should be used to slice and dice vegetables, meat and bread, our kitchen scissors and herb scissors can be incredibly useful when it comes to certain food preparation tasks.

Cut, trim and strip your herbs in confidence with our handy herb cutters that are specially designed to help you cut herbs without bruising them. Whether you are wanting to trim rosemary for a roast lamb or clip basil for an authentic margarita pizza, our herb scissors will do the trick.

All our kitchen scissors are versatile and can be used for spatchcocking a chicken, cutting up bacon and preparing kale, spinach, and other leafy greens. However, for uniform slicing of vegetables, browse our mandolines, spiralizers & graters.