Paring & Peeling Knives

Our paring and peeling knives are perfect for peeling, slicing and paring fruit or vegetables with minimal effort.

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Paring & Peeling Knives

Paring knives, sometimes to referred to as peeling knives, may be small but they are mighty. A paring knife is typically used to cut, slice and chop fruits and vegetables as well as help you peel them. Whether you need to slice up hardier foods like potatoes or delicately remove seeds from a fruit, this small kitchen knife will make light work of it.

Although cooks and chefs knives are also wonderful when cutting fruit and vegetables, the small and sharp blade of a peeling knife makes tackling intricate food preparation tasks like deveining shrimp and deseeding fruit and vegetables much easier.

A paring knife is a kitchen essential, but you may also wish to browse our vegetable and utility knives and Japanese knife sets to ensure you have the right kitchen knives for you.