Welcome to ProCook...

We have been making incredibly functional and stylish cookware and knives for over two decades. With the
emphasis on great culinary results we have strived to create quality cookware and kitchenware that will last
you a lifetime. We take great pride in going into every minute detail to ensure our products are second to none
and will become your family favourites. Furthermore we aim to deliver all our ProCook products to you at
unbelievable value for money.

About Procook I hope you enjoy shopping with us.

Our ProCook Story

The brand was started over 20 years ago and was the first
company to sell cookware sets by direct mail in the UK. Since then
it has grown into a multi-channel specialist cookware company
with over 30 nationwide stores. Still owned and managed by one of the
original founding family members, ProCook still retains its
inherently important small company values and ethos.

Our Mission

To supply cookware and kitchenware of an outstanding level of
quality and design saving you up to 50% off other leading brands.

Mission Statement

What started as a range of essential cookware has grown into
extensive ranges of cookware, knives, non-stick bakeware and
roasting, kitchen and table accessories.

ProCook specialize in timeless styles with clean contemporary
looks that can happily slot into any kitchen or dining room. What's
more nearly everything is own brand and exclusive to ProCook.

Our Pricing Policy

Our aim is to save you, the customer, up to 50% compared to
other leading brands and we do this by cutting out the middleman.
This means that by not using import agents and UK distributors
our costs are less as we bring our products direct from the
manufacturers. These savings we pass directly onto you.

We refer to 'typical price' as the price of other similar products
from other leading brands. This is based on the closest equivalent
product in design and functionality, but which may differ in other
respects, such as finishes and materials.

We endeavour to check all our competitors prices every three
months, however within that time period other leading brands
prices may be subject to fluctuation.