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Japanese Knife Sets

Japanese knives and Japanese knife sets are beloved by many due to their sharp blades and precision. Perfect for slicing and dicing, our Japanese style knife sets are not only beautiful to look at and lovingly crafted, but because of their stainless steel blades, they can cut through hard vegetables and fruit with ease.

At ProCook, we offer a variety of Japanese style knives, such as Japanese chef knives and Japanese vegetable knives. Each of our knives are designed with the job in mind: our Santoku & Nakiri knives are sharp for easy slicing and feature a scalloped blade so that the food falls away from the blade.

When it comes to selecting the right knife for you, it's all about finding a knife that offers the resilience and sharpness that you desire. Browse our full selection of best selling knife sets so that you find the knives best suited to you and your cooking style. You may also want to check out our knife cases and roll sets so that you can keep them safe and check out our guide on how you can take the best care of your Japanese knives.