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Carve the perfect roast in style with our high quality professional carving knives and sets.

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Carving Knives & Sets

Carving knives are commonly used for carving dense meat and slicing up a delicious roast dinner for all to share. With the right carving knife set, you can carve a tasty piece of meat and make it the star of the show during a relaxed Sunday roast dinner or formal get together with friends or family.

Whether you are after a carving knife, carving fork or a carving knife set, our selection of carving knives and sets are designed to glide through meat and vegetables while ensuring that the handle is shaped for improved grip. Avoid ruining a well-cooked dinner with the wrong knife.

Much like all of our kitchen knives, lengthen your carving knife's lifespan by using knife sharpeners and chopping boards so that you can continue cutting and serving your food for many years to come.

Not sure how to use a carving knife properly when carving poultry, lamb, beef or pork? Read our guide on How to Carve a Roast Chicken like a Pro.