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Cooks & Chefs Knives

Originally designed to joint large cuts of meat, the chefs knife has transitioned in modern cooking to become the ultimate multi-purpose kitchen knife in domestic and professional kitchens alike. A modern chefs knife or cooks knife can chop, slice, cut, dice and mince, and as with any kitchen knife, it is down to individual preference as to which knife technique suits you.

With a stainless-steel blade that is either hot-forged, folded from layers of steel or stamped, chefs knives have a long, elegant shape and a gentle curve to the blade edge. The blade of a chefs knife tends to be thicker at the heel to perform cutting tasks that require more power, and thinner at the tip for fine and fast slicing.

Take it from us, the best kitchen knives are always the ones you reach for regularly, and the popularity of the chefs knife proves it is the go-to choice for the modern cook.