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Cleavers, Filleting & Boning Knives

Boning and fillet knives are ideal when slicing through tough meat and filleting your fish, allowing you to cut close to the bone, descale and prepare your meal to perfection. Boning knives are commonly used for meat such as poultry, while fillet knives are used for removing the bones and skin from fish.

At ProCook, we offer fish filleting knives designed with handles for improved and strong grip and a flexible blade for accuracy. Meanwhile, our boning knives are sharp and specially curved so that you can easily cut through joints and around bone. All our cleavers, boning and fillet knives help you achieve a professional and clean cut.

Care for your meat cleaver, boning and fillet knives with knife sharpeners, professional chopping boards and the correct knife storage systems to prolong their lifespan.