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Colanders, Sieves & Strainers

Colanders, sieves and strainers allow you to completely remove the cooking water from your saucepans and stock pots without accidentally tipping out your food. Furthermore, our kitchen sieves help you sieve out the lumps when baking or cooking to improve the texture and quality of your baked goods or meals.

We offer a variety of colanders such as a collapsible colander that is easy to store and great for washing fruits and vegetables and draining pasta. Our metal tea strainers are also great for those who want to enjoy a solo cup of tea without the risk of loose leaf tea entering their drink. Our tea strainers fit inside our mugs.

You can also keep your sink free from clogging up by using a sink strainer, designed to sit in the plug hole and catch any food that may accidentally escape from your saucepan or even frying pan when draining.