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Egg Rings, Poachers & Boilers

Egg rings, egg poachers, and egg boilers are a dream for cooks who love eggs for breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner. But cooking the perfect eggs can prove difficult. Our egg accessories and egg cookers are designed to help you cook eggs perfectly every time - achieve a runny yolk with the help of our egg poacher pans and silicone egg poachers, which are ideal for poached eggs on toast or smoked fish cakes with poached eggs.

Timing is essential when boiling, poaching, and scrambling eggs, which is why kitchen timers can be an essential kitchen gadget. Furthermore, our microwave cookware range - featuring our microwave egg cookers - can simplify the cooking process even more.

Egg accessories and egg gadgets are fantastic additions to the kitchen. Impress your guests by serving up fluffy scrambled eggs and runny poached eggs, which are sure to make an unforgettable brunch.