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Egg Rings, Poachers & Boilers

Egg rings, poaching pans and egg boilers can be a dream for those who love eggs for breakfast, brunch or even lunch and dinner. All our egg accessories are designed to help you poach the perfect egg so that you can get the consistency that you desire. After all, poaching eggs can be notoriously difficult - achieving a runny yolk and the correct shape of a poached egg is no easy task, which is why our egg poacher pans make it a lot easier.

You'll find that all our egg accessories are made with the simple task of helping you cook your eggs perfectly and exactly how you want them. Our egg poachers can cook up to four eggs and includes a non-stick feature, making the pan ideal for cooking your eggs but also incredibly easy to clean afterwards.

With our egg cups and egg gadgets, you can enjoy a delicious and effortless breakfast with your family.