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Latte Glasses

Latte glasses elevate your coffee drinking experience, helping you show off the different layers of coffee and milk while keeping your coffee warmer for longer. Our latte glasses are lovingly designed with coffee drinkers in mind, which is why our latte glasses and espresso cups are double walled for incredible heat retention, so you can enjoy your coffee without the worry of it going cold too quickly.

Make the perfect latte with one of our stovetop coffee makers and a milk frother. Once done, show off your barista-style coffee in one of our latte glasses. We also have a variety of espresso cups and espresso cups set, for those who enjoy a refreshing shot of espresso or their coffee poured from one of our cafetieres for a simple cafe au lait.

Our latte glasses and glass espresso cups can also be enjoyed with our Grand Cru coffee capsules. Simply place your chosen cup underneath your coffee machine and enjoy your beautifully brewed coffee.