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Air Fryer Toasted Sandwich

Oozing with cheese, our air fryer toasted sandwich makes for an indulgent lunchtime treat. Easy to include your favourite fillings. 

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Take the beloved and classic cheese toastie - and cook it in your air fryer! A simple, easy and healthier way to enjoy an indulgent treat. Fill with your choice of cheese, whether it be cheddar or gruyere, and if you wish, add your favourite fillings like ham and chutney.

You can easily adapt this recipe how you wish and make it vegan by using plant-based butter and cheese.

Time: 15 minutes

Serves: 1    


20g butter, softened

50g cheese of choice, we recommend grated cheddar or gruyere

2 slices of sourdough

½ tsp English mustard, optional     


Air Fryer Health Grill

What you'll need...


1. Preheat the air fryer health grill to 190C.

2. Butter the sourdough bread on one side each and combine any leftover butter with the grated cheese and mustard in a bowl. Season with black pepper and a sprinkle of salt.

3. Add the cheese mixture over the non-buttered sides of the bread then sandwich together, making sure the buttered sides are facing outwards.

4. Air fry for 5 minutes before turning and frying for another 5 minutes, or until the toastie is crunchy on the outside and the cheese is melted in the middle.