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Raspberry Mojito

Fresh raspberries, lime, mint and rum make this delicious and refreshing raspberry mojito. Perfect for warm weather sipping!

We took the classic and beloved mojito and added sweet raspberries for a truly refreshing twist. This cocktail is easy and quick to make, so you can go back to enjoying the warmer weather while sipping this cooling drink that’s loaded with flavour. .

Time 5 mins

Serves 1

Difficulty  Easy


5 - 6 raspberries, plus a few for garnish

6 - 8 mint leaves

50ml of white rum

25ml lime juice

25ml simple syrup

40ml club soda   

What you'll need...


1. Add raspberries, simple syrup, mint leaves and lime juice to the bottom of your glass and muddle together with a muddler.

2. Pour in the rum using the jigger.

3. Add ice, pour in the club soda and stir with a swizzle stick.

4. Lastly, garnish with whole, fresh raspberries, a sprig of mint and a slice of lime. Sip and enjoy with a metal straw.