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Refreshing Watermelon and Lychee Mocktail

Our refreshing watermelon and lychee mocktail is perfect for afternoons sat under the sun.

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Treat yourself (and your friends and family) to this refreshing watermelon and lychee mocktail. Perfect for long summer afternoons, alfresco dining, and leisurely lunches where alcohol is not needed. Serve from a beautiful pitcher and pour into gorgeous highball or tumbler glasses for refined yet understated elegance. Our watermelon and lychee mocktail is perfectly sweet with floral undertones brought by the lychee - fantastic for summer hosting and barbecues.

Watermelon and Lychee Mocktail Recipe


- 1kg watermelon, cut into cubes

- 90ml fresh lime juice

- 1 lime, sliced

- 120ml lychee syrup

- Non-alcoholic sparkling wine 


1. Place the prepared watermelon into a blender and pulse until smooth.

2. Pour the pureed watermelon into your pitcher. Add the lychee syrup, lime juice, ice and lime slices and stir until well mixed. Use a cocktail jigger for a more accurate measurement of the lychee syrup.

3. Top up with the non-alcoholic sparkling wine and stir before serving. Add sliced lime to the pitcher for added decoration if desired. 

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