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Flan & Quiche Dishes

Our flan tins and quiche dishes are perfect companions for cooks and bakers who love whipping up these pastry delights. Flans and quiches are popular baked dishes, beloved by many and can be enjoyed for lunch, dinner and small or large parties with friends and families. With our flan tins and quiche pans, you can impress your guests by serving them quiches with pastry that's flaky and golden brown.

We have a variety of flan dishes and quiche tins for you to choose from, depending on your preferences. Our glass flan dishes are made from heat, stain and scratch resistant glass for incredible strength. The glass we use is also a great heat conductor, ensuring that your pastry is cooked evenly for flaky and golden brown pastry and tasty filling. We also have a selection of non-stick quiche tins, perfect for easy removal and healthier baking, as well as traditional porcelain quiche dishes that are beautifully classical. Why not try Our Summery Strawberry Tart Recipe in one of our flan tins?

When it comes to preparing your pastry for flans, quiches and tarts, precision is key. Our baking utensils and measuring cups, spoons & jugs are baking essentials for those wanting to master the perfect quiche or flan. We also have a variety of pie dishes for those wanting to bake a pie or crumble instead.