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Loaf Tins

Loaf tins are considered a kitchen essential for those who love to bake. With a loaf tin, also referred to as a bread tin or bread pan, you can bake fresh loaves of bread or sweet treats like banana bread and lemon drizzle. All our loaf pans make fantastic banana bread tins.

We offer a selection of loaf tins specifically designed to help you consistently bake bread and loaf cakes. All our bread tins include a non-stick coating that makes removing the loaf easier, reducing the risk of the loaf's bottom becoming stuck to the base of the bread tin. Our non-stick loaf tins are dishwasher safe, but with their non-stick coating, they can easily be wiped clean.

Made from heavy gauge carbon steel, our 1lb loaf tins and 2lb loaf tins are durable and long-lasting. Carbon steel is also a great heat conductor, promoting thorough and even cooking so that each and every cake and loaf you bake is consistent, moist and delicious.

As always, you'll need baking essentials like mixing bowls, kitchen scales and measuring cups, spoons & jugs to ensure your dough and cake mix has the right consistency and texture for bread making.