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Muffin & Cupcake Trays

Muffin trays and cupcake tins help you make tasty cupcakes and muffins, two beloved baked goods that are perfect for birthday parties, afternoon teas and picnics. Blow your friends and family away by baking delicious cupcakes and muffins that will crown you the ultimate cupcake and muffin maker.

Our selection of cupcake and muffin trays include a classic design and a non-stick coating, which is ideal for easy cake release and ensuring that your cupcakes and muffins retain their shape. Made from heavy gauge carbon steel, all our cupcake tins and muffin trays promote even heat distribution for consistently and perfectly baked cakes. All our cupcake, muffin and bun tins are also dishwasher safe, great for easy cleaning and low maintenance clean ups.

Improve the appearance of your cupcakes with our baking utensils and cupcakes accessories, which can enhance the look and texture of your cupcakes. Once your cupcakes or muffins are cooled, use cake decorating tools for intricate piping and icing work that elevates the look of your baked goods while adding extra flavour and richness through frosting and glazing.