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Non-Stick Bakeware

Non-stick bakeware is commonly found in numerous kitchens and a firm favourite for professional chefs and home cooks - and for good reason. Having a non-stick coating on your bakeware saves time, reduces the likelihood of your baked goods sticking to the pans or tins and promotes healthier cooking (less butter or oil in the mixture and the pan).

We offer a variety of quality non-stick bakeware including non-stick baking sheets and bakeware sets. Our non-stick coating is designed with baking in mind, so whether you're wanting to batch bake cinnamon buns in our non-stick cake tins or bake a loaf of bread in our non-stick loaf tins, our non-stick bakeware will keep your baked goods from sticking to the edges of your tins.

All our non-stick baking trays are made from heavy gauge carbon steel, an incredibly strong metal that also promises even heat distribution for consistently cooked baked goods.