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Non-Stick Bakeware

Non stick bakeware is the perfect companion for any cook or baker, whether they are new to cooking or consider themselves a master chef. ProCook offer a selection of non stick bakeware like non stick baking trays and non stick oven trays with a non stick coating to stop your food from sticking and burning. Our non stick bakeware also requires less cooking fat to prevent sticking for healthier cooking.

The art of baking requires the correct baking equipment. Our measuring cups, jugs and spoons are ideal for precise measurements while our rolling pins and baking beans help achieve smooth pastry and dough for consistent and beautiful bakes. Non stick cake tins and loaf tins stop bakes from sticking to the edges for prettier results, and once your cake is cooled, cake decorating tools like an icing syringe set help you pipe beautiful icing for improved flavour and appearance.