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Silicone Bakeware

Silicone bakeware is a well-loved and favoured material when it comes to baking, and for good reason. Whether you are after silicone cupcake moulds or silicone utensils, most silicone bakeware is easy to clean and low maintenance.

Our silicone muffin cases and silicone cake moulds make turning out cakes incredibly simple because of their flexibility - say goodbye to the frustration of turning out a beautiful cake and the sides sticking to the side of the tin! This non-stick quality means less greasing is needed when cooking with silicone cake moulds, making for healthier baking.

Our silicone bakeware is incredibly versatile. Ice your cake with our handy silicone palette knife, or for more intricate icing and piping work, browse our cake decorating tools for a piping bag. We also have a variety of cupcakes accessories such as silicone muffin cases that will perfectly bake your cupcakes or muffin.