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Explore our collection of cookware accessories from trivets ro splatter guards and find everything you need to kit out your kitchen.

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Cookware Accessories

Cooking accessories such as silicone trivets, splatter guards and pan protectors can help you protect your cookware, kitchen worktops and yourself from spitting oil and hot roasting tins, trays and racks that you need to set down on the side.

Look after your non-stick cookware with our ProCook pan protectors that are designed to sit between your pots and pans so that you can neatly stack them without worrying about the non stick coating from being scratched off. Our pan protectors help make your cookware last longer and protect their cooking performance.

Cast iron is well-known for retaining heat and staying hot, making moving your cast iron casseroles difficult. Cooking accessories like our cast iron handle cover sets make holding your cast iron cookware much safer. Plus, the silicone design of our cast iron cookware accessories makes for a comfortable grip.