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Induction Cookware

Induction cookware is becoming more and more popular as the cost of cookers comes down. So to compliment your wonderful cooker why not treat yourself to some new induction cookware. Get the best tasting food using the power of magnetism.

Induction cooking is incredibly efficient and fast, transferring heat directly from the magnetic coil to the pan which is within its magnetic field. The magnetic coil transfers the heat directly to the pan, minimising the wasted heat associated with other hob types, and providing continuous heat while the pan is touching the surface. This also means that its much cheaper than traditional forms of cooking.

The key to induction cooking is ensuring that the base of the pan is highly magnetic. ProCook offers a vast range of induction pots and pans in a range of prices and styles, so you're bound to find your ideal induction cookware at the perfect price!

Scottyboy says... "Cracking pans!!!!" *****
I recently bought new pans and utensils to go with my new induction oven. I purchased the Elite Tri-Ply range and they are superb! They're well made, of a great quality and were delivered next day. Very impressed with quality and service. Thank you ProCook!!!!

ProCook Induction Cookware are rated 4.78 / 5.0 from 2003 reviews